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Meet the people behind our award-winning customer service



SMG3 Founders

Eric Holmes, Nancy Gorski, Nico Genet

Founded in 2011 by Nancy Gorski, Eric Holmes, and Nico Genet, Strategic Mobility Group, LLC. (SMG3) is a leading national solution provider with over 500k devices deployed to date. Offering our clients Visibility Through MobilityTM, our solutions in the Warehousing, Distribution, 3PL, and Healthcare industries are designed with ROI in mind. Providing an out of the box hardware, software, managed service, and consulting experience, SMG3 is recognized by industry leaders including Zebra Technologies and Fortune 500 clients as their trusted technology and solution provider.


Our inside sales team creates the processes and training needed to develop our exceptional sales team from the ground up. Inside sales helps SMG3 grow from within and gives our salespeople what they need to provide you with the right insight and recommendations for your business goals.

Michael Grudecki

VP, Inside Sales & Marketing


We pride ourselves on training our employees on the intricate systems that we use for our day-to-day operations and for account management. Our training department listens to the concerns of our sales and operations teams regarding SMG3 systems and works to make our platform more robust and user-friendly to our employees. They provide training to all departments on how to best utilize our systems to manage account and inventory information, making it easier for them to communicate with one another and access customer information. Without our training team, our employees wouldn’t be able to work together to serve our clients as effectively as they do today.

Leslie Campbell

VP, CRM Solutions & Training

Professional Services

Our support team is here to help our clients 24/7. Unlike many companies in our industry, SMG3 offers Visibility Through Mobility™, which includes a suite of services including site analysis, site survey, custom device configuration, and more. We are your tech gurus who are here to help with everything from wireless setup and design to troubleshooting issues with your devices, so you can stay running all the time.

Joe Colly

Director of Professional Services


SMG3’s accounting team does more than crunch numbers. Along with the numerous internal accounting-related projects and programs we oversee daily, we help our customers with invoice and credit issues so products are shipped correctly and on time. In short, we make sure that everyone, from our customers to our employees, is getting billed properly and reimbursed correctly.

Maria DiNicola

Chief Financial Officer


Our HR department delivers strategic, industry-leading services and programs that SMG3 needs to attract, develop, and maintain a diverse workforce committed to quality customer care. Not only do we provide our organization with structure, we give SMG3 the ability to meet business needs through managing our most valuable resources — our employees. Our six main areas of focus are recruitment and retention; safety; employee relations; compensation and benefits; compliance; and training and development.

Stacie Lamprecht

Human Resources Director


You cannot use your devices if you do not receive them, which is why the shipping department is one of the lifelines of SMG3. Our shipping department works with operations, sales, and professional services to ensure each order is filled correctly, each device is configured properly, and everything ships out on schedule. They are the last people to see an order before it leaves the facility — and they work to deliver perfection every time.

Art Fonjemie

Logistics Manager / Tech Engineer


As a full-service solution provider, SMG3 understands the role project management plays in a successful project rollout. Assisting your organization from inception to completion, our team of seasoned project managers works to keep your project on time and on budget, communicating with all parties involved throughout the project.

Sarah Solesky

Client Experience Manager

National Account Support

Most often our larger clients require greater support. There are more moving pieces to manage and individuals involved. Our national account support team is always hard at work keeping everything moving and everyone informed. Each client is assigned a dedicated team that can assist with issuing quotes, processing new sales orders, fielding RMAs, tracking shipments, and more. The best part? Your team is always a phone call away. No automated loops to get tangled in or late email responses. They get the information you need fast, and you can trust that it will be accurate and delivered in a professional manner.

Leslie Daly

Assistant Director of National Accounts


Our operations department manages the day-to-day business activities of SMG3. We are in constant communication with vendors, customers, and sales reps. In addition, we are continually analyzing and redesigning the current workflow to create an efficient system to ensure every customer’s satisfaction. Our mission can be summed up in three words: get it done!

Christine Pearson

Sr. Client Experience Coordinator


SMG3 is unique in the industry for having invested in an internal marketing department. As a company, we are committed to keeping businesses up to speed on mobile technology. And, our dedicated, creative marketing team supports that by keeping a close pulse on trends, new products, promotions, and industry mergers and acquisitions. We push this information out to customers using email, social media, tradeshows, and more.

Danielle Florina

Marketing Coordinator

Live Support
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