Assessment and Strategy

Get the right mobile strategy for your business. SMG3's experts will assess your needs and create a solution designed specifically for you.

Guiding COOs & CTOs Through Mobile Device Strategy

Your day-to-day operations could be running smoother. No matter where your organization is in terms of implementing and monitoring a mobile strategy, SMG3 will show you how to integrate the technology to help successfully navigate your business to the future.

Our strategists will uncover the full range of your organization’s potential by analyzing any gaps in your facility or operation. We’ll help quantify your objectives and set attainable and measurable goals for your mobility strategy. Then, using real-time predictive analytics, reveal how to enable a more efficient and productive workforce.

What’s preventing productivity?

Are your site managers struggling to track inventory efficiently? Does your logistics company need to track employee accountability? SMG3’s team works with you to understand obstacles that are keeping you from running your business at optimum efficiency.

Plan for what you actually need.

With so many options available for your enterprise mobile device strategy, choosing the right direction for your organization can get overwhelming in a hurry. SMG3’s seasoned experts can help you understand what your business actually needs and get you a plan that fits.

Set your mobility strategy goals.

Measuring your success starts with defining your objectives. SMG3 will help quantify your goals and set up criteria for success. When you start tracking device activity, you’ll know exactly what to look for and how to identify any challenges that need to be addressed.

Provide hardware and software guidance.

Rugged devices or standard? Android or iOS? Which model is right? How much does screen size matter? Decision fatigue is real, and it can lead to some not-so-great choices for your business. SMG3’s hardware and software experts can help narrow your options and recommend the right devices for your company.


We’re here to help make you and your business successful. As your partner we’ll do everything we can to optimize your mobile device strategy.

Looking glass
We will identify gaps or shortfalls in your existing wireless networking infrastructure and develop a plan to overcome them.
We will analyze your organization’s processes and needs to recommend the right device and software based on your work environment, vertical, and budget.
We will quantify your objectives and set goals for your mobile devices that are reasonable, attainable, and measurable for your enterprise.

Our Partners

SMG3 is vendor-agnostic, which means we have a great deal of experience across the full spectrum of software solutions. It also means we’re free to recommend the right solution for you. Learn More

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