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Experience the Future of Enterprise Mobility

Windows Mobile life cycle has ended and Android has stepped in to take its place. SMG3 can help your business migrate to Android no matter the current state of your mobility platform. With unmatched security and frequent updates to keep your business efficient and successful, Android is the answer to all of your questions regarding the future of enterprise mobility!

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Windows is outdated

Old Windows apps are no longer being updated or supported which will soon render them Unusable and Insecure.

Android is versatile

Old apps can be successfully migrated to provide 100% uptime, and new apps on Android are 100% customizable to your business's needs.

Windows is Vulnerable

Without support, legacy Windows devices are open to security breach, leaving your business open to attack.

Android is secure

Through constant security patches and software updates, Android is on the forefront of security and efficiency within the industry.

Windows is the past

With Windows ending its life cycle support, how will you keep your business running smoothly and securely?

Android is the future

SMG3 can help transition your business with seamless migration to Android OS, the leading OS in enterprise mobility.

Mobility in the enterprise is changing

Android is now fueling thousands of businesses and increasing their productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. The ability to create customized applications to perfectly suit your business needs is driving an Android revolution that will change the business environment as we know it. Whether your business is warehousing, transportation and logistics, retail, or healthcare, there is no better time than now to contact SMG3 and talk to our team of Android Strategy experts to figure out how we can make Android work for you!

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