Wireless Network Products


Wireless Network Products

Gain deeper visibility into your enterprise for sharper decisions.

When you make the invisible visible, you put opportunities into sharp focus and risks in your periphery. Suddenly, you have the ability to see the location, motion and state of enterprise assets, people, and transactions. That’s Zebra wireless LAN, seizing the power of disruptive technology to convert the physical into digital intelligence-changing your outlook and your outcomes.

Zebra Optimal Performance

Optimal Performance:

Fast Forward Opportunities

The faster your wireless network the greater your capacity – a must for the high demands of the Internet of Things, big data and the ever-increasing volume of mobile devices. With our intelligent WiNG 5 and 802.11ac, performance is optimized and capacity maximized. And that’s just the start. Deployment is three times faster with our zero-touch installation, and troubleshooting six times quicker with our unified management that consolidates all your sites into a single view.

Scale with Ease

Get the only architecture that supports any deployment of any scale. No need to settle for competitor’s limits of a thousand clients per site. Nor do you have to introduce the complexity of fragmented management solutions. Instead, our WiNG operating system can accommodate, from one to 25,000 access points on a single virtual controller – making us four times more scalable. What’s more, it enables you to manage it all remotely from a unified platform, tipping the scales in your favor with greater simplicity and cost-savings.

Zebra Smart Enterprise Mobility

Smart Enterprise Mobility:

Move from a subpar experience to a superior one

Any wireless network can offer mobility, but only Zebra’s can move you to optimal mobility. Built for dense environments and heavy throughput critical to business, our WiNG 5 operating system distributes control plane intelligence right to the edge. Such know-how mitigates interference and choke points, adjusts channels and power for real-time conditions, and transfers devices to the most efficient path. The result: voice, video and data applications run without interruption; RF coverage is self-healing and interference is sidestepped.

Sticky-free, Problem-free roaming

Typically a client won’t attempt to roam until after an associated access point has degraded service. But we go beyond the basics to improve roaming. With Zebra, your device clients have the information necessary to decide on the highest throughput connections available, not just the strongest signal. So you experience a higher data rate and a higher quality of throughput.

See it to optimize mobility

Never has the demand for steadfast connectivity been so great–and so challenging–especially when IT staff are lean and locations widespread. Simplify the complex with Zebra’s WiNG OS, the powerful and feature-rich management module designed for managing Smart Mobility. With just a few clicks you can monitor, analyze, report and troubleshoot your wireless LAN & connected mobile devices to ensure peak performance.

Zebra Impactful Customer Engagement

Impactful Customer Engagement:

The new rules of impactful customer engagement

When a shopper, guest or diner enters your establishment, you want to deliver the kind of service that will earn loyalty and repeat visits. And with MPact Platform for Mobile Marketing, you can. Using our unique locationing technology, you can automatically provide every customer who walks in your door the most customized and personalized experience possible, every single time.

Two location-based technologies in one

MPact is the only indoor locationing platform to unify Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Smart technology, improving locationing accuracy, while allowing you to connect to the most possible customers and capture more analytics and insight. Service is re-defined through impactful interactions with customers via the one device they almost always have in hand – their mobile phone. The result? Instant visibility into where customers are in your facility and the ability to automatically take the best action to best serve each customer at any time during their visit.

Give them secure access

There are now more mobile devices on earth than people. Anywhere, anytime connectivity is the new norm. But how do you give your workers, shoppers or hotel guests open access to Wi-Fi without opening your business to security threats? Zebra’s Secure Access is the answer. Guests enjoy the ease of logging on with their social media credentials, and you gain the peace of mind that their access is authenticated and your network and their data is secured.

Zebra Wing Enterprise

Wing Enterprise:

  • AP 7502
  • AP 7522
  • AP 7532
  • AP 7562
  • AP 8163
  • AP 8222
  • AP 8232
  • AP 8533
  • EX 3548/3524
  • NX 5500
  • NX 6500
  • NX 7500
  • NX 9600
  • VX 9000
Zebra Wing Express

Wing Express:

  • AP7502E
  • AP7522E
  • NX5500E
  • NX7510E
  • VX9000E
Zebra 80211AC

Kiosk Printers:

  • AP7502
  • AP7522
  • AP7532
  • AP8222
  • AP8232
  • AP8432
  • AP8533

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