Mobile Computers


Mobile Computer Products

Capture real-time data and deliver on-the-go productivity.

The versatility of Zebra’s integrated voice and data mobile computing products allow you to capture and exchange business-critical information according to your specific enterprise demands. Use mobile computers to equip your on-the-go workforce with the devices they need for success wherever they are.


Zebra Handheld Computers

Handheld Computers:

Increase efficiency, productivity and customer service levels, inside the four walls or out in the field, with our handheld mobile computers.

  • TC51/TC56 Touch Computer Series
  • MC17/MC18 Personal Shopper Series
  • MC2100 Mobile Computer
  • MC3190-Z RFID Reader
  • MC3200 Mobile Computer
  • MC40 Mobile Computer Series
  • MC45 Mobile Computer
  • MC55 Mobile Computer Series
  • MC67 Mobile Computer Series
  • MC9190-Z RFID Reader
  • MC9200 Mobile Computer
  • MC9500-K Mobile Computer
  • Omnii XT15 Mobile Computer Series
  • RFD5500 RFID Reader
  • SB1 Smart Badge Series
  • TC55 Touch Computer
  • TC70/TC75 Touch Computer Series
  • TC8000 Touch Mobile Computer
  • Workabout Pro 4 Mobile Computer

Wearable Computers:

Our comfortable yet durable wearable computers are built with the latest data capture and voice technology, keeping workers’ hands and eyes on the tasks at hand.

  • WT6000 Wearable Computer
  • RS6000 Bluetooth Ring Scanner
  • RS4000 Corded Ring Scanner
  • HS3100/HS2100 Rugged Headset Series
  • RCH51 Cabled Headset
  • RS419 Ring Scanner
  • RS507 Cordless Ring Scanner
  • WT41N0 Wearable Terminal Series

Vehicle-Mounted Computers:

Maximize productivity and deliver flawless fulfillment in even the most challenging warehouse environments with our vehicle-mounted computers.

  • VC80 Vehicle-Mounted Computer
  • 8585 / 8595 Vehicle-Mounted Computer
  • VC70N0 Vehicle-Mounted Computer
  • VH10 / VH10F Vehicle-Mounted Computer
Zebra Tablets


Our tablets deliver the consumer styling your workers are used to with the enterprise class features they need to get the job done – inside the four walls or out in the field.

  • ET50/ET55 Tablet
  • ET1 Tablet

Handheld RFID Readers:

Our RFID readers give you total visibility, allowing you to identify, track, manage and optimize assets.

  • RFD8500 RFID/1D/2D Sled
  • RFD8500i Handheld UHF RFID Sled
  • RFD5500 RFID Reader
  • MC9190-Z RFID Reader
  • MC3190-Z RFID Reader
  • 3820 Industrial Scanner
  • DS9808-R General Purpose Scanner
  • Omnii XT15 Mobile Computer Series
  • Workabout Pro 4 Mobile Computer
Zebra Narrowband Digital Wireless

Narrowband Digital Wireless:

Manage inventory seamlessly across your most expansive outdoor spaces.

  • Omnii XT15 Series
  • 9160 G2 Narrowband Wireless Gateway
  • VH10/VH10F Vehicle-Mounted Computer
Zebra Mobility DNA

Mobility DNA:

Zebra’s Mobility DNA is the industry’s most comprehensive suite of off-the-shelf, end user apps, robust administration utilities and effortless app development tools. Working as one with our full line of Android mobile computers, these solutions help you connect every strand of your mobility platform, for a simplified, integrated solution.

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