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  • The built in Scheduling section allows for schedules to be created, managed, edited, imported, exported, queued, activated and deleted.
  • The live appointment view offers insight into the appointments for your selected timeframe, showing status, appointment details, anticipated freight, priority status, and many other unique details. These appointment can be sourced from your active schedule, an integration with your TMS system, or a combination of both of these sources.
  • The check-in and check-out flow is created to leverage all known information about an appointment and guide the user to receive their appropriate location assignment(s). This process is highly customizable to reflect the customers unique requirements and process steps.
  • This view gives a real time status of the site, spot/door occupations, yard movements, dwell time, noted freight, seal status, and many other details of the entities that are on site.
  • The Move Request manager allows dispatch to create, edit, and monitor all active and completed move requests.
  • The Switcher Portal is a unique portal designed for touch screen mobile devices mounted within the switcher’s cab. This portal allows for move request assignment, selection, completion, updating, and communication back to the dispatcher. This portal can also be leveraged for Yard Audits offering direct access to all trailers on site, their details, and the ability to define permission based roles defining which details can be updated via a Yard Audit.
  • This portal is designed for touch screen mobile devices mounted within a forklift/hi-lo to facilitate the loading, unloading, and trailer to/from door management.
  • Custom reporting is available by default, offering pre-built reports illustrating all key yard movements, metrics and activities for the selected site. Custom reports are also available upon request.
  • Customized, complex rules can be created, managed, and applied, controlling actions such as inbound/outbound assignments, automated move request generation, and blocking rules.
  • A mature permission based role system is in place ensuring users only have access to the areas of the application and data sets deemed appropriate to their job role.
  • The application is built responsively, allowing customized and optimized experiences for users across a variety of screen resolutions and mobile devices/tablets.
  • Optional configuration allowing management of all sites from single instance of the Yard Software.  Can be deployed via on-prem server, customer hosted, or customer cloud hosted.
  • Enterprise level reporting, aggregating data across all of the sites included within the customer’s install is available within the application. This data is filterable by numerous fields including location, carrier, freight, etc. The enterprise data set will allow users a direct view of their supply chain as well as the ability to compare high performing sites to less-efficient sites and identify bottle-necks and/or best practices. These reports are all exportable and/or shareable via email.

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Facilitate the continuous flow of material and goods between your transportation system and distribution centers or manufacturing plants while improving your yard operations.


Monitor yard without having to manually call for each move and provide greater efficiency in getting the right trailer to the right door at the right time resulting in a Fast ROI.


SMG3 and Zebra Technologies’ professional services teams provide a discovery workshop, design, configuration, SW integration, installation and solution training.

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