Wireless Site Survey


Creating innovative
wireless network solutions

There is only one way to make sure that your employees have the most robust network possible for their workplace mobile devices and that’s through SMG3’s enterprise mobility site survey.

Wireless Site Survey Map

Before expanding or building a new facility, we will conduct a professional wireless site survey and plan a custom design.

Wireless Site Survey Report

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In order to plan and design your wireless network, our team of experts will conduct a wireless site survey. This ensures you will get appropriate coverage, network capacity, roaming capability, and quality of service for your devices. Unlike a site analysis, a site survey focuses specifically on network range and which signal levels are needed to best serve your intended devices and software.

SMG3’s site survey includes:

  • Analyzing WLAN metrics and RF spectrum characteristics.
  • Determining minimal signal to noise ratio needed to support performance requirements.
  • Examining user experience, including pain points and system bottlenecks.
  • Creating a report that indicates optimal locations for wireless access points, sources of interference and areas of concern.
  • Delivering a heat map showing RF coverage of the entire floor-plan.