Wireless Site Analysis



As part of designing your mobile strategy, we will come to your workplace to conduct a site analysis. We will assess your work environment so we can identify potential pain points for your devices, design your Wi-Fi network, and recommend the right devices for your needs.

However, we do more than provide high-level advice. We will examine each part of your workplace and network in detail to provide you with a specific solution that we can help you implement with minimal hassle and stress.

Wireless Heat Maps

We will create heat maps that help us detect gaps in your wireless coverage.

Wireless Site Optimization Analysis

Schedule an appointment today for a professional wireless site optimization analysis.

SMG3’s workplace mobility analysis includes:


We will interview key users and your IT department to hear what you are looking for in a wireless plan.

Network assessment

We will assess key wired network issues that directly impact your access point and come up with a plan to maximize performance.

Applications assessment

How well will software and applications work in various areas in your workplace? This understanding enables us to create an action plan for optimal network performance.

Device assessment

How well will our devices work on site? We will recommend the specific devices that will work best for your company based on usage requirements and then design a network that will fit your needs.

Capacity planning

How many devices will you need and be using? We will assess your capacity and usage needs to determine requirements for your Wi-Fi.

Security review

This includes understanding your needs for guest access, BYOD, and compliance across the network.