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Stratum Global is a software solutions company that develops and markets¬†TagNet, a release supported, platform agnostic Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solution suite.¬†Stratum Global’s sole business is RFID.

Our customers are realizing the benefits today of complete RFID enabled solutions for Closed-Loop, Asset Management and Compliance. Stratum Global delivers best-in-class RFID business solutions with a solid understanding of industry key issues, current trends and recognizing that each customer has unique needs and complex requirements. We provide complete implementation services including site surveys, hardware installation, enterprise integration, tags, services and education to support the total RFID solution.

Regardless of your RFID initiatives, Stratum Global has a solution that can bring immediate value to most organizations. Invest incrementally – scale your RFID solution as your business needs to. “Start Small, Think Big.”

Stratum Management

Stratum Global has a solid senior management team with years of experience with execution and delivery in the software industry. The team’s skill sets bring management, technical, sales and marketing expertise with a long history of focusing on servicing the customer while being the best at what they do. Stratum Global is recognized as a founder and standards leader in the rapidly expanding RFID solutions space.



Stratum Global Active
Stratum Global Active

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