Taking Mobility to Endless Possibilities

For almost two decades SOTI Inc. has been an industry leader delivering solutions to manage, secure, support & track business computing devices. We are ready to take on the Internet of Things and provide security and management solutions for a new generation of mobile devices, computers and “things.” Over 16,000 customers around the world in; retail, manufacturing, healthcare, government, logistics & numerous other industries, rely on SOTI for their mobility management needs. We are a dynamic company; our executives are visionaries and our employees crave innovation and thrive on hard work. Depend on SOTI to free your workforce to help transform your business.

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Today’s shoppers are interested in faster and friendlier shopping experiences, and retailers are embracing this trend and leveraging the Internet of Things to help them. The combination of signage, beacons, cloud connectivity, NFC technology and analytics is creating an immersive interactive experience that resonates with the consumer.

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Every day mobile technology is allowing for new ways to help patients get healthy faster and cheaper. In clinical settings, more efficient and error free patient workflows improves the quality of care and reduces length of stay and the likelihood of adverse events. Operationally, streamlined, non-clinical workflows such as plant maintenance or purchasing, help to reduce costs and improve productivity.

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Field Services is by definition a mobility based industry. It was an early adopter of mobile technology, and continues to integrate new devices and applications into operations as they become available.

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Field Service

Sales staff equipped with smartphones and mobile applications extend the reach of the corporate ERP solution to shrink the sales cycle and satisfy customers expectations. On the factory floor, Plant managers and supervisors equipped with ruggedized smartphones and tablets have real-time access to MES (Manufacturing Execution System) dashboards that enable faster decisions and more efficient production.

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Advances in education theory have changed what material is taught and how it is taught, Where it is taught has stayed amazingly consistent. For years education has been focused on the classroom experience, but mobile technology is helping to break down classroom walls and let students learn wherever and whenever they want.

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The transportation and logistics industries have always been an early adopter of mobile technology. Lower costs of mobile devices is putting them into the hands of everyone touching the supply chain and taking the transportation industry to new heights.

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Taking Mobility to Endless Possibilities

SOTI is a proven product innovator and EMM Industry leader. Over 16,000 customers across 170 countries rely on SOTI for their EMM needs. We have strong partnerships with hardware manufacturers, providing support for new mobile devices and operating systems well before the competition. We understand the unique requirements of our partner’s industries, including logistics, retail, healthcare, education and field services. SOTI has a strong focus on R&D and we are constantly innovating to do whatever it takes to keep our customers happy and successful. Making day to day mobility management easy lets the enterprise take mobility to endless possibilities.

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SOTI’s Vision

Business mobility has become a tool for business differentiation. Leading organizations are discovering innovative ways to harness the power of mobile technology to create lasting value. Operationally, wearables and IoT are creating new business models, increasing efficiencies, and making it easier for customers and business’s to interact. Strategically, the convergence of enterprise mobility, big data and analytics has the potential to transform your business with real-time, data driven insights. When combined, these trends let you take your business to endless possibilities

– Carl J. Rodrigues, President & CEO, SOTI Inc.