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SOTI is a proven innovator and industry leader for mobility and IoT management and SMG3 are enterprise mobility experts, experienced in implementing mobility solutions within a variety of different industries. Globally, over 17,000 companies depend on SOTI to enable their strategies for mobile devices, applications, content, as well as endpoints for the Internet of Things. Together with SMG3, combined extensive vertical experience and technology partnerships give SOTI unparalleled insight into market trends and cutting-edge business solutions. SMG3 and SOTI’s commitment to innovation ensures your business is one step ahead with the solutions you need to take your mobility to the next level. 

Why SMG3 and SOTI?

SMG3 and SOTI MobiControl make Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) easy. We simplify the security and management of your business-critical mobile devices.
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SMG3 can help you implement SOTI Assist, the industry’s first diagnostic help desk solution that is ‘purpose-built’ to fix mobile device problems. SOTI Assist keeps your workers working and productive.
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SOTI Insight is a business intelligence solution that delivers out-of-the-box analytics on app, data, network and location usage, and operations. SOTI Insight makes it easy for companies to gain insights into the performance of their mobility deployments.
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SOTI Connect is an IoT solution built for business that provides complete lifecycle management of IoT devices within an organization.
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SOTI Snap is a cross-platform, rapid app development solution for business. It enables companies to build the mobile apps they need faster, cheaper and on time.
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SMG3 and SOTI can deliver complete and consistent management of Android devices regardless of make, model or OS version with SOTI Android+, as well as legacy Windows mobile and desktop OS’s such as: Windows XP/7/8, Windows Mobile/CE and modern Windows 10 devices. With our expertise, you can reduce the cost, complexity and downtime of Linux IoT deployments for network components, embedded systems and intelligent endpoints.


Together SMG3 and SOTI are dedicated to keeping your business process, safe, efficient, and secure. With SOTI, you can lock down your devices and simplify the end user experience using an HTML-based Kiosk Mode, prevent distracted driving by automatically locking devices while they’re inside vehicles in motion, create polygon-based geofences of any shape and size, and receive alerts when devices enter/exit the geofence, monitor workers and devices in the field with real-time location tracking, and install and update simple or complex apps silently on any company owned or modern legacy device.


SMG3 can set your business up with SOTI Hub in order to ensure secure access or editing of corporate files on network drives such as SharePoint, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive. You can also use SOTI Surf to provide secure web browsing and access to intranet sites without requiring a virtual private network (VPN) connection.


Retailers are looking to do more with mobile technology and the IoT. SMG3 and SOTI can help!
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SMG3 and SOTI can help increase the productivity and effieciency of your warehouse.
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Transportation and Logistics

SMG3 and SOTI make it easy to deploy, manage, secure and support all of your laptops, tablets, smartphones and IoT endpoints.
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Like many industries, mobility is having a huge impact on healthcare and home care. SMG3Rx and SOTI help your organization make the most of yours!
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