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SMG3 RX is a Clinical Communications Platform, powered by Strategic Mobility Group. Our team of knowledgeable experts is dedicated to providing innovative and cost effective solutions for nurses and doctors to increase operational efficiency in hospitals.

As an industry leading technology solutions provider, we understand the importance of having first-rate network connectivity. The goal of SMG3RX is to improve the day to day communications between medical professionals and patients with a robust portfolio of healthcare services.

“Preventable medical error ranks as 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S. alone with mortality rates soaring to 210K-400K annually”

Healthcare Services

SMG3RX offers an array of premium Healthcare Services including a full hardware and software selection, technology training and network assessment, telephony integration and voiceover IP, and mobile device and spare pool management.

We also specialize in:

Healthcare Mobility

Improve Staff Communication and Collaboration

Mobile technologies are designed to enable provider collaboration, simplify workflows and serve as a real- time command center for patient care.

Patient Identity Management

Connect the Right Patient to the Right Care

The demands of your care environment require pinpoint precision when matching patients to records, medication, specimens and more. There is simply no room for error.

Business Intelligence And Analytics

Transform Real-Time Data into Actionable Insights

Optimize your inventory and streamline the supply chain with real-time location technology and patient tracking systems.

Workflow Efficiency

Increase Healthcare Communication and Collaboration

Enable clinical mobility by providing secure texting and reliable voice messaging among hospital staff.

Connected Clinician


Communication in the healthcare industry can be challenging. To provide optimal care, clinicians need to be empowered with the ability to instantly connect with colleagues, access patient data, and administer care from anywhere in the hospital. With SMG3RX, you won’t have to worry about the exchange of information between medical professionals and patients. We will work as your trusted advisor, committed to integrating mobile technologies and healthcare solutions with a superior clinical communications platform.


Key Benefits

•Secure Text Messaging
•Provide 100% Uptime Smart Phone Development
•Voice-over IP
•Simple SIP Integration
•Device Management
•Critical Downtime Solutions
•Nurse Call Integration


To effectively monitor the condition of your healthcare organization, you need real-time visibility into every corner of your hospital. We want to streamline the systematic complexity of healthcare communications through the integration of mobile technology devices and software upgrades, coupled with a complete professional services package.

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