RFgen 5.1

RFgen 5.1

RFgen Version 5.1
the latest release of RFgen software

RFgen version 5.1 delivers the freedom of anywhere, anytime, and any device mobility.

RFgen version 5.1, the latest release of RFgen software, delivers even more value to your business with a variety of new features, functionality, and mobile flexibility. The enhancements in this exciting new release will help you develop Android and iOS mobile apps for online and offline workflows, arm your field workforce with new geo-location enabled mobile apps, and more efficiently design mobile apps with an enhanced mobile development studio.

As Microsoft Windows CE is in the process of being replaced by the Android operating system, there is a growing interest in utilizing consumer-grade devices like tablets and smartphones in various distribution and service operations.
To help you integrate these new devices and multiple technology platforms into your operations, RFgen now features offline Android and iOS applications. With these new game-changing enhancements, we’ve named this new version of our mobile technology, RFgen’s Mobile Unity Platform™ as it provides a unified user experience and seamless interoperability regardless of operating system or mobile device type. If you have field operations like remote or consignment inventory management, DSD solutions, or field service applications that are impacted by the pending operating system changes, RFgen can be your single source solution. RFgen’s Mobile Unity Platform™ not only provides the same fast and reliable applications in the warehouse, but now gives you the ability to upgrade your field workflows while consolidating your technology stack.


  • Design Android, iOS and Windows Mobile apps for both online (real-time) and offline (batch) solutions.
  • Deploy single source mobile apps, without any changes, on consumer-grade mobile phones, tablets, and traditional industrial-grade barcoding devices.
  • Create solutions that pinpoint an item’s location within a 6-foot range using GPS coordinates and Google geo-location and tagging services.
  • Step outside the warehouse with Google Maps-enabled apps that seamlessly provide location guidance and waypoint route planning.
  • Quickly create your own custom device soft keyboards and control their display at the application prompt level.
  • Easily create dynamic user interfaces with new control options, parent/child relationships, and runtime control cloning.
  • Upgrade your user experience to take complete control of your mobile app design with enhanced support for beveling, transparency, layers, and automatic layouts.
  • Manage and display complex data relationships using the new column-set object combined with any list, grid, or tree control.
  • Make multilingual deployments a snap with built-in support for Google Translate™ services coupled with automated form translation and layout capabilities.
  • Leverage complex deployments and security concerns with improved device identification, whitelisting capabilities, and support for leading-edge security technologies.


Giving you more control of the user experience, the new Built-in Soft Keyboards feature gives you the freedom to use native OS keyboards, pre-built third party keyboards, and custom keyboards you can create yourself. Further, to speed user productivity, you can now specify on a promptspecific basis whether to show a specific keyboard type, like numeric or alpha, or to require scanning.



Creating dynamic user interfaces efficiently using RFgen has just gotten easier with our new layout controls and relationships between objects. In the RFgen Mobile Development Studio, we’ve added support for parent-child relationships between all objects. This new ability to associate multiple child objects to a single parent object enables you to easily show, hide, and clone multiple objects at runtime.



Using the new control cloning feature, you can create one or more collections of data elements, graphics, controls, etc. and easily create duplicates of these collections dynamically at runtime. This feature is a very significant
addition to RFgen’s base architecture as it allows for extremely complex data displays to be quickly created and replicated based upon the data being accessed by the mobile user.



RFgen’s User Management Console has been enhanced to provide new ways of adding and modifying menus, menu groups, and users/user groups. Additionally, new options for finding, importing, and exporting data to and from Microsoft Excel have been added making external user and menu management a breeze with the new Menu and User Tools. And, if your RFgen v5.1 server hosts a variety of application databases, you can view the menus, groups, and users associated with a specific database by simply selecting it in the Configuration screen and viewing the updates in the Menu and User tree.



We all have our own preferences as to how we want to view our window using themes. Some people set their window themes to use high visibility dark colors, while others prefer bright colors. RFgen’s theme options have been significantly expanded to give you absolute control over the user experience without having to create multiple versions of your mobile applications.



If you have a particular look and feel you want to convey in your app, we have added more properties that enable User Interface developers to customize prompts such as buttons, panels, and textboxes in applications. For example, if you want to control the curvature of an object,
watermark a Textbox, or slide in a Menu Strip– RFgen’s latest version gives you the flexibility to create your own unique mobile app designs and standards.



RFgen now easily supports the authentication of user credentials whenever a user logs into RFgen’s Mobile Administration Console, User Management Console, and Transaction Management Dashboard. At this time, user credentials can be validated through Active Directory, or locally through RFgen managed accounts.



With RFgen’s Mobile Unity Platform™ server, you can now easily authorize/deauthorize your mobile devices to operate in offline (batch mode) directly from your server. Further, you can create device whitelists to restrict access to your RFgen environment to only allow known devices.



Auto-Language Translation is one more new feature that RFgen’s Mobile Unity Platform™ includes to help in automating the process of localizing text into multiple languages. In just a few clicks, your mobile apps can be translated from any language, like English, and converted into its localized equivalents like Chinese, Spanish, or German. Further, using the new layout controls allow your mobile apps to automatically adjust their control alignment to adapt to the differences in text lengths, all without any coding or the creation of multiple displays.


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