Enabling the worker to play the leading role within industry 4.0 and digital transformation

ProGlove provides a range of innovative scanning solutions that equip operators with lightweight and ergonomic wearable scanning technology, allowing them to work faster, with less errors, and completely hands-free. Designed with the end-user at the core, ProGlove’s family of wearable scanners enhance worker productivity and comfort while delivering a truly mobile enterprise experience at scale.

Meet the world’s lightest, most compact family of wearable barcode scanners. From manufacturing to logistics and every high volume scanning operation in between, ProGlove’s solution offers a compelling mix of ergonomics and efficiency that operators and managers love.

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A smarter workforce


An integrated team with wearable technology improves the capabilities of your staff by freeing their hands.


Reduce errors and time-wasting by empowering your workers with instantaneous information at crucial points in the field.


High-quality, German-engineered products that are ready for any environment.

Choose the Best Model for a Seamlessly Connected Workforce:

The ProGlove solution offered by Strategic Mobility Group, is perfect for production & assembly, warehousing & logistics, transportation & delivery, and retail & service. With an extensive product catalog, you can choose the correct model for your solution.


  • MARK Basic
  • MARK 2 mid range
  • MARK 2 standard range

The ProGlove Mark Product Family

Learn more about the Mark Product Family by watching the video below. Compact, Lightweight, wearable scanners, these scan as fast as a snap. For small operations, large corporations, warehouse sprinters and assembly crafters. This solution by ProGlove, powered by SMG3’s solutions is the next step in mobility.

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