Zebra ZQ110

Zebra ZQ110

ZQ110 Mobile Printer

The ZQ110 provides seamless integration into existing mobile solutions. It is “Made for iPod® / iPhone® / iPad®” (MFi) certified and supports Bluetooth® or wireless (802.11b/g/n WLAN) connectivity to a wide range of Apple®, Android™ and Windows® mobile devices.

Easy to carry and simple to use, the ZQ110 offers intuitive media loading for quick, on-the-go media changes. Its straightforward user interface enables at-a-glance status updates. And, with a battery capable of lasting an entire shift and multiple charging options, users experience greater uptime and increased productivity with fewer printing interruptions.

With a variety of accessories and options and Zebra’s reliable service and support, the ZQ110 gives users the benefits of a Zebra-brand product at an affordable price.

Ideal for low duty-cycle applications where a 2″ (48mm) receipt is needed.

Zebra’s VC80x is used in the following industries: Transportation, Retail, and Hospitality.


Mobile Ready

Keep your company and employees moving forward. The ZQ110 weighs 0.50 lbs / 0.23 kg including the battery for easy portability and storage in a pocket.

Be assured of outstanding reliability, even in harsh environments. The ZQ110 can withstand drops to concrete of up to 4′ / 1.2m and, when paired with the optional carrying case, the printer meets IP54 rating, protecting the device from dust and liquids, such as rain, snow or accidental spills, that are common in harsh working environments.

Sustain on-the-go productivity with the ZQ110’s user-friendly design. It is designed for quick, one-handed media changes and gives users status updates at a glance.

Customize the ZQ110 to ensure maximum operability for your business. Zebra® offers affordable options for at-home, vehicle and workplace battery charging and convenient accessories for a hands-free, hasslefree mobile solution.

Outfitted to Perform

Easily incorporate the ZQ110 into your operations. In addition to the industry-standard ESC/POS programming language, the ZQ110 supports a suite of software development kits and utilities for seamless integration.

Complete mobile printing operations efficiently. The ZQ110 prints at speeds up to 3.5 inches-per-second and is designed with “sleep mode” to conserve battery power.

Maintain robust and reliable connectivity on the go. The ZQ110 is MFi certified and supports Bluetooth connectivity to a range of mobile devices. Users can opt for 802.11b/g/n WLAN capability for applications requiring more secure network connections.

Enhance your business services with additional options and features. The ZQ110 supports an optional encrypted 3-track Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR).

Built for You, Backed by Zebra

Protect your bottom line without sacrificing important services. The ZQ110 is Zebra’s most affordable mobile receipt printer and can be used in a variety of applications.

Strengthen your business with the support that comes with the Zebra brand. With Zebra’s reliable network of service technicians, hardware and software issues can be addressed quickly, regardless of location or time.

Work with confidence. The ZQ110 has been tested for maximum interoperability when using the printer with validated terminals. Zebra’s Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) create industry-leading software solutions to solve your business problems.



1.89″/48 mm


1.18″ (30 mm)


3.5″/90 mm per second
2.4″/60 mm per second


0.50 lbs/0.23 kg with battery


IP54-rated for dust and liquid protection with a protective case

4′ (1.2m) drops to concrete multiple times


1200 mAh Lithium Ion Battery (7.4V)

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