Zebra ZE500

Zebra ZE500



The ZE500 series takes an innovative approach to OEM print engines. Leveraging customer research, the design focuses on ease of use, integration and servicing. Built with the customer in mind, the ZE500 is designed to keep mission-critical print-and-apply applications operating with no interruptions.

The new ZE500 Series takes an innovative approach to OEM print engines. Leveraging extensive customer research, the design focuses on ease of use, ease of service and ease of integration. Built with the customer in mind, the ZE500 print engine is designed to keep mission-critical print-andapply applications operating without interruptions.

A critical piece of print and apply applications, you need a rugged, reliable printer that will perform with minimal down time in high speed, high throughput environments. Delivering world class efficiency and flexibility, the ZE500 Series is an innovative OEM print engine that is simply to integrate, operate and maintain.

Zebra’s ZE500 is used in the following industries: Transportation, Retail, and Manufacturing.


Smart Design and Features Give You Added Control and Capabilities

Featuring a broad range of connectivity, the ZE500 Series includes standard Serial, Parallel, USB and wired Ethernet—along with optional wireless capabilities—making it easy to integrate into your network.

Easy to Set Up

The large, graphical display with simple five-button menu can be rotated or remotely located up to two meters with an optional kit, so it is easily accessible even for unusual mounting orientations. The applicator IO is the same for 5V and 24V—just simply switch jumpers to convert.

Immediate Access to Support

An integrated QR Code gives you quick access to support and helpful how-to videos on topics ranging from changing the ribbon or drive system to changing the printhead and more.

Customize Print Quality Settings

Maximize print and image quality with the easy-to-use outboard cam system that adjusts the printhead to the platen roller on all three different axes—no matter what media is in use. And, two printhead toggles help maximize pressure dispensation across the printhead so you can dial in even further on print quality.

Simple to Maintain and Service

Easily remove all three platen, pinch and peel rollers in minutes from the front of the print engine without the need to remove the ZE500 print engine from the print-and-apply system. Captured fasteners eliminate lost hardware, and the pinch and peel rollers are now the same part to eliminate confusion and misinstallation.

Quickly access internal components via a hinged cage system that swings open wide for fast, simple maintenance. The innovative, extended-life modular drive system is engineered to be easily removed via only three screws and can be used as a spare module or rebuilt on a bench top. Change belts or alter resolution from 203 dpi to 300 dpi or vice versa in minutes. No need to shut down your operations for simple changes or maintenance.



4.1”/104 mm (ZE500-4)
6.6”/168 mm (ZE500-6)


12”/305 mm per second (203 dpi)
10”/254 mm per second (300 dpi)


Parallel port: Centronics®-compatible
Serial interface: RS-232

ZebraNet® 10/100 Print Server (internal)
Applicator interface with DB-15F connector
Optional ZebraNet b/g Print Server


203 dpi/8 dots per mm or 300 dpi/12 dots per mm


Industrial all-metal construction

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