Zebra QLn420

Zebra QLn420

qln420 Mobile Printer


Zebra’s popular QL™ family of direct thermal mobile label and receipt printers has built a highly satisfied following based upon its proven drop-resistant durability; user-friendly, productivity-boosting features; and easy integration. As Zebra’s third generation of QL printers, the QLn™ printers extend these QL-platform benefits to the “nth” power.

The QLn420’s over-molding and tempered-glass display — coupled with its seamless, one-piece design — make it more durable than ever before The QLn printer can boost your operation’s productivity through a larger, sharper, easier-to-navigate display; faster, higher-quality printing; a variety of proactive alerts that help keep working printers in employees’ hands; and many convenient charging accessories. And, your IT department will find the QLn printer more intuitive to integrate into existing platforms thanks to Zebra’s Link-OS® environment. Other features such as Zebra® Global Printing and improved network performance — including 802.11n wireless LAN capability for more robust and reliable connectivity and throughput — also make integration easier.

Zebra’s QLn420 is used in the following industries: Transportation, Retail, Manufacturing, and Hospitality.


Easier to Integrate

Move your business forward without the cost or stress of upgrades. Backwards compatibility with QL and QL Plus™ models lets you upgrade to the QLn printer without changing media or label formats. The inclusion of the legacy CPCL programming language also allows mixed networks of QL / QL Plus and QLn products.

Be assured of full compatibility with many other Zebra printers thanks to Zebra’s ZPL® programming language. And with ZBI 2.x™, directly connect your printers with legacy host systems and peripheral devices, such as scanners and scales.

Maintain robust and reliable connectivity, even for your largest data transfers, with Wi-Fi®-certified connectivity. Zebra’s 802.11n solution has dual-band support (5 GHz and 2.4 GHZ) and is fully compatible with 802.11a and 802.11b/g standards, so you can easily move business operations to the less-crowded 5 GHz band.

The Link-OS tools include:

  • Software Development Kit — create printing applications for Windows®, Apple®, Android™, Windows® CE, Windows® Mobile and BlackBerry® platforms.
  • Cloud Connect — connect to the Cloud directly and securely, forwarding data from any port.
  • Virtual Devices — support multiple programming languages on one printer and integrate Zebra Link-OS printers into existing legacy systems.
  • Print Touch — simplify Bluetooth® pairing and launch Web-based help pages with NearField Communication-enabled devices.

Quickly configure single printers with the Zebra Setup Utility and enable global printer management with ZebraNet™ Bridge Enterprises

Efficiently print and optimize your labels with ZebraDesigner™ Pro for label design and ZebraDesigner drivers for Windows. Print multiple languages on a single label using Zebra’s Unicode™ UTF-16-compliant Global Printing Solution.

Work with the confidence that comes with industry-leading solutions. The QLn420™ features improved communication with leading handheld terminals that have been tested and verified for maximum interoperability when using the printer with validated terminals. Zebra Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partners create industry-leading software solutions to solve business problems, and Zebra works closely with these ISVs to integrate printing and other capabilities of Zebra products.

Easier to Manage

Manage all aspects of your networked Link-OS printers from just one screen with Profile Manager. There’s no need to switch between applications to get the job done, and you can manage the simple admin console remotely on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

Keep printers in service longer by managing specific, local printer and + battery issues remotely over a wired IP network, including Serial and Bluetooth, via a Zebra Ethernet cradle. And with AirWatch™ Connector, you can quickly connect your printer with the AirWatch devicemanagement system via WLAN and Ethernet.

Automatically update printer firmware and configuration from a file server over 802.11 or Ethernet interfaces with the mirror function.

Manage QLn printers using most of the popular third-party management software solutions. The printers also fully support Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

Easier to Maintain

Reduce wasted time and lost productivity with the PowerPrecision+ battery, which indicates the power and health of a printer’s battery.

Effortlessly manage your  printers and firmware by connecting your devices to your wired Ethernet network and / or cradle.

Easier to Use

The QLn420 was designed to optimize business processes through easy operation and mobility — reducing training requirements and increasing worker productivity.

Meet the increasing demand for mobile printing across different operating systems. QLn printers are “Made for iPod® / iPhone® / iPad®” certified and also support Android and Windows devices via Multiplatform SDK apps.

Easily operate the printer using simple-to-navigate controls and a userfriendly interface, which includes a help menu and alert messages.

Quickly access Zebra’s extensive knowledge base of how-to videos and product support with Print Touch-enabled Web page launching features.

Achieve faster, higher-quality printing with lower power use through Power Smart Print Technology™.

Experience higher performance:

  • Faster processing and throughput.
  • Increased memory that handles printer’s advanced functions and future firmware improvements, and stores more complex fonts, graphics and images.

Increase user and operational efficiencies with convenient charging accessories.

Longer Printer Uptime

Improve operational productivity and reduce costs associated with downtime through fewer printing interruptions.

Monitor and manage the printer remotely using the Windows PC-based AirWatch Connector.

Prevent associates from being stuck printerless in the middle of their work. The printer enables proactive maintenance by displaying printer alert messages, battery charge and health status.

Avoid the downtime and costs of unnecessarily sending the printer away for servicing. Many issues can be remotely diagnosed and resolved (including firmware updates, configuration changes, and adding new fonts or graphics) over an Ethernet connection.



4.1″/104 mm


2.6″/66 mm O.D. on a 0.75″/19 mm or 1.375″/34.9 mm I.D. core


Up to 4″/102 mm per second


2.45 lbs / 1.11 kg with battery


IP43 dust- and water-resistance rating (IP54 with soft case)

Tolerance of multiple drops from 6’/1829 mm to concrete


PowerPrecision Plus 5000 mAh removable Lithium Ion Battery (7.4V)

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