Liquid UI for Android & Windows

Liquid UI for Mobile

We bring complete SAP GUI including Z transactions on your mobile devices for S/4HANA, ECC, and ERP – without/with programming


LiquidUI for Mobile is SAP GUI on Mobile

Built on Native Channel Architecture (NCA), Liquid UI for Mobile natively connects to your SAP, while retaining SAP GUI transaction richness.

Built-in support for your Z transactions

Companies like Bacardi, Diageo, Johnson Controls, Tata Power, Welch Allyn, and more are already running their Z transactions as-is with our mobile apps – the one common denominator is the success they achieved. For instance, Tata Power reduced collection cost by 91% using our apps support to Z transactions.

Leveraging your existing SAP infrastructure

Our Mobile app for SAP enables mobility without additional middleware, web servers, browsers, or rebuilding your solution from scratch in Fiori.

Simplify your SAP business processes for your Mobile

With Liquid UI Automation for SAP, you can flexibly innovate and streamline your SAP transactions like simplifying screens, creating role-tailored views, hiding unused fields, consolidating multiple screens, moving fields from different screens into one screen, and more – with industry-standard ECMA-262 JavaScript.

Automate your SAP business processes for your rugged Mobile devices

With Liquid UI Automation for SAP, you can automate your SAP tasks on mobile for simplified user interactions. For instance, login to SAP, navigate to transactions, and create master data or send alerts either by email or by notifications directly to your users’ mobile devices.


Liquid UI Offline is a patented solution (#8140617) that lets you leverage your SAP in the field, refineries, oil rigs, mining locations, and even in the middle of an ocean without connectivity. The data collected outside of the network connection gets stored on the device, and later it is forwarded to an SAP system when access to a network becomes available.

Food & Beverage
Field Mobility


Productive and intuitive UI:

Give your users a complete SAP GUI on Mobile – leveraging UI richness that they already know and stay productive. You can modify the screen layout like hiding pushbutton toolbar or even go into full-screen mode for optimal screen usage and better usability – w/o programming.

World-class security & encryption:

Liquid UI for Mobile supports end-to-end TLS-based encryption. Thus providing your enterprise more control over wirelessly transmitted data between the app and your SAP. Additionally, with biometric lock support, you can be confident that your company data is protected from unauthorized access even when the device is lost.

Fully programmable barcode integration:

Populate your SAP fields with a barcode using a mobile device built-in camera or third-party hardware like Linea Pro. Furthermore, edit the scanned data or program an action after scanning to trigger events like auto-populate, auto-enter, or auto-tabbing. For instance, auto-populate PO Number, Line Item and Quantity fields for your PO Receipts process with a single barcode scan – removing data entry errors and enabling automated data capture.

Program scanned data to trigger actions like auto-populating multiple fields
Add barcoding rules like add or remove prefix/suffix, auto-tab, and auto-enter – via app settings
Workflow and approvals support:

Create a universal SAP approval solution across your different processes like purchasing raw materials, raising invoices, reviewing blocked sales orders, and more. With Liquid UI RPA for SAP, alert your users either by email or by notification directly to their rugged mobile devices like Samsung Tab Active2 and CipherLab – to keep approvals moving even when they’re on the go.

OCR selection shape can be customized and retained for any input field

Built-in OCR engine:

Populate your SAP fields with an OCR scan using an mobile device built-in camera. Liquid UI’s built-in OCR engine can be invoked on any input field in your existing SAP transaction or Dynpro. The selection shape can be customized based on different input fields like material number, quantity, or batch number. Furthermore, the Optical Character Recognition engine will retain initial selection shape changes when next-time you are scanning the same field.

Single sign-on support:

Unlock your SAP users with single domain credentials across mobile and desktop devices. It enables you to login to SAP directly from your mobile devices like Samsung Tab Active2 and CipherLab using Windows Active Directory with Kerberos authentication, SAP Portal, and SAP Trust. Thus simplifying the workload of managing thousands of usernames and passwords.

Integrate with hundreds of web services:

Liquid UI for Mobile provides end-to-end integration with third-party programs like Salesforce, Google Maps, and PDF – enabling you to use the applications that you already know and stay productive. Additionally, with Liquid UI Automation for SAP, you can load data into SAP from a database like Oracle and SQL, make RFC call or interact with web service, and more.

Notifications and badges:

Boost your user productivity with Liquid UI for Mobile that lets users track and manage SAP processes via notifications like notifying the maintenance department about abnormal or exception activities in the plant area. With Liquid UI Automation for SAP, send notifications directly to your users’ mobile devices.

Notification auto-navigating to the specific SAP transaction screen

On-the-go printing:

Liquid UI for Mobile allows wireless printing right from your SAP. It supports mobile printing via Bluetooth and WLAN (WiFi) protocols.

Select a default printer – via app settings

Attach instantly with SFO:

Instantly attach an image or video file to your SAP transaction from the device. You can either use the built-in camera to take a picture or make a video or use an existing picture or video from the device library.

Either take a picture using device camera or use an existing image

Automate your SAP
business processes:

With Liquid UI Automation for SAP, you can automate your SAP tasks on mobile for simplified user interactions. The automated tasks can be programmed to – login to SAP, navigate to transaction screens, and create master data, or execute reports or determine subsequent actions based on predefined logic. Liquid UI for Mobile support SAP automation via URL or .sap file.

Access crucial SAP GUI functionality:

Everything from F1 help to F4 input to multiple sessions to multiple connections is implemented directly in Liquid UI for Mobile. Furthermore, you can also customize F4 and F1 actions for custom behaviors like defaulting Sales Organization and Distribution Channel value and accordingly loading Division values. Thus ensuring consistent SAP UX, from the SAP GUI to the mobile devices.

Multi-language support:

Use the terminology you already know – perform day-to-day tasks in your local language. The language globalization enables personalization of the UI and improves your user’s acceptance. So everyone moves faster and stays productive.

GPS coordinates support:

Liquid UI for Mobile allows you to populate geographical coordinates on any SAP input field with a long press. It enables users to locate themselves on a map or determine the distance/routing information or plot business objects like a location.

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