Honeywell Vocollect A500

Talkman A500

Vocollect Talkman A500

The Highest Performing and Extensible Workflow Solution for Warehouses

A Proven Solution with Expanded Capabilities

The Talkman A500 leverages the award-winning form factor of the Talkman T5, making it a proven, robust solution that is also one of the most technologically advanced mobile devices available that can withstand the harsh environments of warehouses. The expanded capabilities of the Talkman A500 enable current and new customers to use voice as the foundation for all of their workflows in the DC. The Talkman A500 is the first Vocollect device that customers can wirelessly connect to Bluetooth®-enabled display devices. As a result, customers can now voice-enable workflows that require mobile workers to occasionally reference long lists or images that may be best viewed on a display.

Compared to other Talkman devices, the A500 features:
– A new, much more powerful processor
– More flash and RAM
– A more robust radio with expanded band capabilities

The Talkman A500 uses the same chargers, headsets and batteries as the Talkman T5 series. It is also available with VoiceClient software to use the same Tasks – easing side-by-side installations and extending customers’ prior investments. Customers using the Talkman A500 today can easily migrate to the new VoiceCatalyst software environment when needed to take advantage of the solution’s extended capabilities and workflows.


  • Supports many configurations from voice-only to voice combined with supplemental functions such as a scanner or display
  • Enables more dynamic interaction between enterprise systems and your mobile workers on the floor
  • Provides access to enhanced asset management and voice-centric usage statistics
  • Offers a customisable user experience for mobile workers
  • Provides a simple migration path for current customers who want to get more out of their Vocollect Voice system


Vocollect Voice® Software

Voice Software: VoiceCatalyst® or VoiceClient®
Management Software: VoiceConsole®
Process Software: VoiceApplications™ or Tasks
Operating System: Microsoft® Windows CE 6
Processor: OMAP @ 500MHz
Memory: 256MB RAM, 512MB Flash
Bluetooth®: Version 2.1
Radio: 802.11a/b/g or 822.11b/g
Serial Ports: One
Operating Temperature: -30° to 50° C (-22° to 122° F)
Storage Temperature: -40° to 70° C (-40° to 158° F)
Drop Tested: Four drops from 5 feet on six surfaces (24 drops). Two drops from 6 feet on six surfaces (12 drops).
Battery: 4400mAh
Humidity: 100% Condensing
Rain/Dust Sealing: Rating IP67

Accessory Support

Headsets: Complete Vocollect® SR Series, SRX, and SL-14
Peripherals: Scanners, Mobile Printers, Displays