Honeywell Granit 1280i

Granit 1280i

Honeywell's Granit 1280i
Industrial-Grade Full Range Laser Scanner

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The Granit™ 1280i industrial-grade full range laser scanner goes the distance, reading bar codes out to 54 feet (16.5m). From poor quality 7.5 mil paper codes to 100 mil retro-reflective codes and everything in between, the 1280i is built to read virtually all linear bar codes across a wide depth-of-field range with ease — supporting maximum operator productivity with its enhanced reading range, intuitive and configurable aiming patterns, and quick responsiveness.

As a member of the Granit Family of industrial scanners, the 1280i is built to withstand the varied demands that exist in harsh working environments. Utilizing the Granit housing that sets the standard for scanner reliability, the 1280i is rated IP65 and is built to survive 5,000 (1m) tumbles and 50 drops to concrete from 6.5 feet (2m) — even at temperatures as low as -30°C. As a result, businesses deploying this industry-leading offering can expect to experience minimal device downtime and a lower overall cost of ownership.


  • Class-Leading Durability: The custom built IP65 rated housing is able to withstand 5,000 (1m) tumbles and survive 50 drops from 6.5 feet (2m) at -30°C (-22°F), reducing service costs and increasing device uptime.
  • Outstanding Scan Performance on Poor Quality and Damaged Bar Codes: Maintains productivity by providing a worry-free scanning solution that minimizes the need for error-prone manual data entry.
  • Remote MasterMind™ Scanning Management Software: Quick and convenient solution for IT administrators seeking to manage scanners within their network from a single remote location.
  • Full Range Linear Depth of Field: Scan out to 54 feet (16.5m) on 100 mil retro-reflective labels, or as close as 3.5” (8.9cm) on 7.5 mil high density bar codes and everything in between.
  • Industrial Grade Cable Option: Tested to withstand 300,000 90° bends at -30°C and continues to communicate when 60lbs of force is applied. The industrial grade cable will stand up to your environment.
  • Optimized for Scanning-Intensive Industrial Applications: Provides aggressive bar code reading and unrivaled accuracy, along with enhanced scanner feedback, for use in extremely noisy environments.



Dimensions (LxWxH): 133 mm x 75 mm x 195 mm (5.2” x 2.9” x 7.7”)
Weight: 335g


Input Voltage: 4.0 to 5.5 VDC
Operating Power: 1.80 W (360mA @ 5 VDC)
Standby Power: 0.75 W (150mA @ 5 VDC)
Host System Interface: True RS232


Tumble: 5,000 1m (40”) tumbles
Environmental Sealing: IP65
Drop: Designed to withstand 50, 2m (6.5’) drops to concrete at across temperature range
Operating Temperature: -30°C to 50°C (-22°F to 122°F)
Storage Temperature: -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
ESD: ±20Kv air discharge, ±8kV contact discharge
Humidity: Up to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Light Levels: 0 to 70,000 lux (6,503 foot-candles)

Scan Performance

Scan Pattern: Single Scan Line
Scan Angle: 13.5° Typical
Symbol Contrast: 35% gray on white contrast
Pitch, Skew, Tilt: ±65°, ±65°, ±10°
Warranty: 3 year factory warranty