Datalogic Gryphon 4500

Datalogic Gryphon 4500 2d series

datalogic gryphon 4500 2d series barcode scanners

Premium range of hand held imagers

The Gryphon 4500 series stands out with an elegant and trendy design, user friendly ergonomics and features the most advanced megapixel sensor with warm-white-illumination 2D technology for outstanding performance.

The Gryphon 4500 omnidirectional imager provides snappy reading performance on all common 1D and 2D codes. High Density (HD) models are available for reading smaller, condensed codes as well as Dot codes. A dedicated version with red illumination optics supports also Digital Watermarking.

Datalogic’s Motionix™ motion-sensing technology enables the scanner to intuitively switch into ‘hand held’ mode when the device is picked up. When placed back into the cradle, it seamlessly returns to ‘stand’ mode. The adjustable position cradle provides the flexibility to use the scanner in presentation or stand mode while it is charging.

The wireless models feature Bluetooth wireless technology (GBT model) or narrow band radio communications with Datalogic’s STAR Cordless System (GM model). 

One of the most important technical innovations that the Gryphon 4500 wireless readers achieve is the wireless charging system for the battery, which enhances the reliability of the entire solution, while lowering the total cost of ownership (no need for contact cleaning or maintenance procedures). The maximum reliability offered by the Gryphon wireless charging technology means 24/7 activities with no stops for maintenance or repair and top-level operating productivity and performance.

The Gryphon 4500 imagers are also available in Healthcare models featuring disinfectant-ready and anti-microbial enclosures for applications in the Healthcare industry.


• 1 MP optics for superior scanning and DOF
• Datalogic distinctive technology with highly visible white-illumination and 4-Dot aimer with center cross for targeted scanning
• Datalogic’s patented ‘Green Spot’ technology, exclusive 3GL™ (3 Green Lights) and Vibration for superior good-read feedback
• Motionix™ motion-sensing technology for seamless reading mode transitions
• Omnidirectional reading
• Image capture and document scanning capabilities
• Reads 1D, 2D, postal codes, stacked and composite bar codes and dot codes
• Digital Watermarking and DPM reading on specific models/applications
• Choice of Bluetooth wireless technology version 4.0 with BLE or Datalogic STAR Cordless System (radio frequencies available in 433 MHz or 910 MHz)
• Wireless battery charging system
• Adjustable position cradle with Scan While- Charging capability
• Batch Mode capability
• Point-to-point / Point-to-multipoint transmission
• Long lasting user-replaceable Lithium-Ion battery



Datalogic STAR Cordless System™: Effective Radiated Power: 433.92 MHz: < 6.3 mW; 910 MHz: < 50 mW; Multi-Point Configuration: Max. Readers per Radio Receiver: 16; Point-to-Point Configuration; Radio Frequency: 433.92 MHz; 910 MHz; Two Way Communications; Radio Range (Open Air): 50.0 m / 164.0 ft
Bluetooth® Wireless Technology: Piconet: Max. Readers per Radio Receiver: 7; Profiles: SPP (Serial Port Profile); Protocol: Bluetooth® 4.0 with BLE Certified Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3; Radio Frequency: 2.4 GHz; Radio Range (Open Air): 100.0 m / 328.0 ft; Range distances are measured using the base station. Range with connection to other Bluetooth peripherals may show different results. Security: Data Encryption; Scanner Authentication


1D / linear codes: Autodiscriminates all standard 1D codes including GS1 DataBar™ linear codes.
2D codes: Aztec Code; China Han Xin Code; Data Matrix; MaxiCode; Micro QR Code; QR Code; Dot code
Postal codes: Australian Post; British Post; China Post; IMB; Japanese Post; KIX Post; Planet Code; Postnet; Royal Mail Code (RM4SCC)
Stacked codes: EAN/JAN Composites; GS1 DataBar Composites; GS1 DataBar Expanded Stacked; GS1 DataBar Stacked; GS1 DataBar Stacked Omnidirectional; MacroPDF; MicroPDF417; PDF417; UPC A/E Composites
Digital Watermarking: Digimarc Barcodes


Battery: Battery Type: Lithium-Ion: 3250 mAh; Charge Time: External Power: 4 Hours @ 12 VDC; Reads per Charge: 80,000
Cradle Indicator LEDs: Battery Charging (flashing orange); Charge Completed (steady green)
Current: Charging (Typical): < 6 W; Scanner only: 330 mA @ 3.7 V (Operative); Cradle only: 80 mA @ 5 V (Operative)
Input voltage: 4.5 – 14 VDC +/- 5%


Ambient light: 0 – 100,000 lux
Drop resistance: Withstands repeated drops from 1.8 m / 6.0 ft onto a concrete surface.
ESD Protection (Air Discharge): 16 kV
Humidity (Non-Condensing): 0 – 95%
Particulate and Water Sealing: IP52
Temperature: Operating: 0 to 50 °C / 32 to 122 °F; Storage/Transport: -40 to 70 °C / -40 to 158 °F


Interfaces: RS-232 / USB / Keyboard Wedge Multi-Interface


Colors Available: Black; White
Dimensions: 16.6 x 6.8 x 10.9 cm / 6.5 x 2.7 x 4.3 in
Weight: 235 g / 8.29 oz


Image Capture: Graphic Formats: BMP, JPEG, TIFF; Greyscale: 256, 16, 2
Image Sensor: 1 Megapixel: 1280 x 800 pixels
Light source: Aiming: Red Laser 650 nm; Illumination: Warm White; Hyper Red LED for Digimarc
Motion tolerance: 35 IPS
Print contrast ratio (minimum): 15%
Reading angle: Pitch: +/- 65°; Roll (Tilt): 360°; Skew (Yaw): +/- 65°
Reading indicators: Beeper (adjustable tone); Vibration feedback option available for quiet places; Datalogic Three Green Lights (3GL) Good Read Feedback: Datalogic ‘Green Spot’ on the Code, Dual Good Read LEDs
Resolution (maximum): High Density (HD): 1D Linear: 0.077 mm / 3 mils; PDF417: 0.077 mm / 3 mils; Data Matrix: 0.102 mm / 4 mils; Standard Range (SR): 1D Linear: 0.102 mm / 4 mils; PDF417: 0.127 mm / 5 mils; Data Matrix: 0.195 mm / 7.5 mils


Typical depth of field: Minimum distance determined by symbol length and scan angle. Printing resolution, contrast, and ambient light dependent.

GD4500 Standard Range (SR):

Code 39: 5 mils: 7.0 to 38.0 cm / 2.7 to 14.9 in
Code 39: 10 mils: 2.2 to 58.0 cm / 0.8 to 22.8 in
Data Matrix: 10 mils: 5.5 to 27.0 cm / 2.2 to 10.6 in
Data Matrix: 15 mils: 2.8 to 41.0 cm / 1.1 to 16.1 in
EAN-13: 13 mils: 1.0 to 71.0 cm / 0.4 to 27.9 in
PDF417: 10 mils: 2.5 to 41.0 cm / 1.0 to 16.1 in
QR Code: 10 mils: 5.5 to 24.0 cm / 2.2 to 9.5 in

GD4500 High Density (HD):

Code 39: 3 mils: 5.0 to 15.0 cm / 2.0 to 5.9 in
Code 39: 5 mils: 0.5 to 25.0 cm / 0.2 to 9.8 in
Data Matrix: 5 mils: 5.5 to 9.0 cm / 2.2 to 3.5 in
Data Matrix: 10 mils: 2.0 to 27.0 cm / 0.8 to 10.6 in
EAN-13: 7.5 mils: 2.0 to 23.5 cm / 0.8 to 9.3 in
EAN-13: 13 mils: 1.0 to 40.0 cm / 0.4 to 15.7 in
PDF417: 4 mils: 3.0 to 12.0 cm / 1.2 to 4.7 in
PDF417: 10 mils: 0.5 to 31.0 cm / 0.2 to 12.2 in
QR Code: 10 mils: 2.0 to 25.0 cm / 0.8 to 9.8 in


Agency Approvals: The product meets necessary safety and regulatory approvals for its intended use. The Quick Reference Guide for this product can be referred to for a complete list of certifications.
Environmental Compliance: Complies to China RoHS; Complies to EU RoHS
Laser Classification: Caution Laser Radiation – Do not stare into beam; IEC 60825 Class 2


Datalogic Aladdin™: Datalogic Aladdin configuration program is available for download at no charge.
OPOS/JavaPOS: JavaPOS and OPOS Utilities are available for download at no charge.
Remote Host Download: Lowers service costs and improves operations


Warranty: 3-Year Factory Warranty