AML Triton


AML Triton Wireless Handheld Terminal

Rugged MObile Terminal EMulation

Dedicated to Wireless Terminal Emulation

The Triton is a rugged yet cost effective wireless handheld terminal that is built specifically for terminal emulation applications. Simple to use and easy to configure, the Triton rugged handheld terminal is the practical solution for TE applications.

Dedicated to Wireless Terminal Emulation, the AML Triton is designed for wireless terminal emulation applications in warehousing, distribution and other harsh environments. However, the Triton can also be put to work in light-duty applications where Terminal Emulation is utilized.


  • Pre-loaded TE clients for VT100/220 and 5250
  • Battery
  • Standard one year warranty
  • Highly-Visible Backlit LCD
  • Summit® Wireless Radio
  • Specialized Keypad Options



Dimensions (without handle): 225 mm L x 89 mm W x 57 mm D (8.9” L x 3.5” W x 2.3” D)
Dimensions (with handle): 225 mm L x 89 mm W x 208 mm D (8.9” L x 3.5” W x 8.2” D)
Weight (without handle): 17 ounces / 482 grams
Weight (with handle): 22.5 ounces / 638 grams (SE965 scan engine)
Display: 160 x 160 pixel Grayscale LCD with LED Bright White Backlight
Battery: Rechargeable 7.2V Lithium-Ion 2600 mAh, 19.2 watt-hours
Keypad: 55-key alphanumeric or 35-key numeric
Pistol-Grip: Optional (Use M7501-XXXX-XX Part number)


Processor: Samsung® S3C2410 @ 202 MHz
Operating Platform: AML Embedded Linux® OS; Linux® Kernel 2.6.39
Memory (RAM/ROM): 32 MB SDRAM; 16 MB Non-volatile NOR Flash
Integrated Scanning Options: Standard 1D Laser; Lorax “Near/Far” Laser; 2D Imager
Development: AML M7220 SDK for Linux® supporting C and
Environment: C++; GNU GCC 3.3.5 for ARM-Linux®; Fully Open Sourced Licensing

Wireless Data Communications

WLAN: IEEE 802.11b/g/n (Summit SDC-MSD40NBT)
Security: Wireless Equivalent Privacy (WEP); Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA); IEEE 802.11i (WPA2)
Encryption: WEP; TKIP; AES
Antenna: Internal Dual-band Diversity

Wired Data Communications

I/O: USB Type B (Slave); Serial RS-232 (max. rate 115200 baud)

Software Tools

Terminal Emulation: VT100/102; VT220; TN5250; SSH
Utilities: Calculator; Bar Code Data Viewer; Linux Console;


Drop Specifications: 5’ (1.5M) to concrete
Operating Temp: -10˚ to 50˚C / 14˚ to 122˚F
Storage Temp: -25˚ to 50˚C / -13˚ to 122˚F
Humidity: 5% to 90% RH, non-condensing
Electrostatic Discharge (EDS): 15kVDC air; 4kVDC contact, all sides
Sealing: IP51 (dust, drip waterproof)


EMI/RFI: FCC Part 15 Class A
Laser Safety (if equipped): CDRH Class II; IEC Class 2
Restrictions of Hazardous Material: EU RoHS Compliant / Pb Free