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Planning & Assessment

Assessing your needs and setting obtainable goals

The first step in any successful mobility plan is just that – planning. You need to assess your objectives, business goals and determine the sort of devices you need to accomplish them. This is key because different devices and software work better for different verticals.


We will come on site to conduct a thorough business process review.

Our custom solutions will include your short and long term plans.

Because of our years of experience in enterprise resource planning, we know which devices and software are best for your specific business and industry. As part of the planning and assessment process, we will:

Discuss your obstacles and pain points

Are you struggling to keep track of your inventory in an efficient way? Are you working for a logistics company that would like to better track driver activity in order to hold your employees accountable? These are all issues that keep your business from being its most efficient, and they are all problems that some of our devices can help solve.

Assess your organizational needs

Are you trying to figure out whether your workplace should BYOD (bring your own device)? Are you grappling with whether or not you need rugged devices? Our years of experience will help you answer these difficult questions and move forward in the process faster.

Set goals for your mobile strategy

We will help you quantify your objectives and come up with criteria for success. That way, when you start monitoring your device activity, you will know what to look for.

We are also happy to recommend devices and software based upon your organizational needs.

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