Optimize Logistics Operations

Optimize logistics operations

Changes are occuring in the field operations industry, with:

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Strategic Mobility Group, LLC (SMG3) is proud to introduce Zebra’s Android-Enhanced Mobility Devices, allowing drivers to increase in efficiency and focus on the customer, while providing a greater convenience. Scaling mobile technology provides an entire fleet with improved technologies, from larger screens to easy-to-use devices, employees can keep workflows moving and keep up to speed with their delivery checklist.

For the worker who is constantly on the move, look no further than the Zebra XPAD L10. 20 years of tablet expertise resulted in this perfectly balanced, ergonomic, and ultra-rugged mobile computer that is built to stand up to harsh working environments. From the hard-handled case to the most advanced mobile computing technology built it, The Zebra XPAD L10 is the best choice for almost any mobile computing application in todays workforce.

Statistics Provided in this Whitepaper:

  • Growth of Mobile Devices Deployment
  • Conduct Routine Mobile Technology TCO Analyses
  • Emerging Technology Adoption Projections
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