Nico Genet

“Do not take life too seriously. 
You will never get out of it alive.”


nico genet

Director Of National Accounts

Nico Genet is a barcoding expert with over seventeen years of experience in the Auto Identification / Data Collection (AIDC) industry. After serving in the United States Navy attached to the Marine Corps as a Hospital Corpsman and studying sales and marketing at San Diego State University, Genet launched his career in pharmaceutical sales.

With his extensive product knowledge and strong accountability for delivering results, Genet continuously ranked in the top ten percent out of thousands of sales representatives, which catapulted him to establish GeNet Solutions, Inc. in 2002.

GeNet Solutions, a manufacturing consulting organization, was made up of a staff of nine with over 40 years of experience collectively in the supply chain and mobile workforce space. Providing its customers with the most effective products and solutions and having the highest customer retention in the industry, GeNet Solutions closed over $18 million in sales in 2010.

In 2011, Nico formed Strategic Mobility Group (SMG3), an innovative technology provider that designs and integrates mobile solutions for enterprises, in conjunction with Nancy Gorski and Eric Holmes. Consulting companies on how to operate more efficiently through the use of mobile hardware, software, professional services, and support, Nico is the mastermind behind keeping clients up-to-date on the latest technology and providing them with innovative solutions that will maximize efficiency and ROI (Return on Investment).

A true wireless mobility and automation consultant, Nico takes the definition of technical support to a whole other level. With his “hands on” approach, he is always traveling onsite with his Professional Services team to help deploy a product or solution.

Nico Genet, a wireless and data collection specialist and leading expert in the barcoding, warehousing, and logistics industries, is available for public speaking engagements and consulting opportunities in the technology field.

Telephone: 855-995-1010 ext. 101

customer service and support

Leslie Daly Profile Picture
Leslie Daly, Assistant Director of National Accounts

Telephone: 847-995-1010 Ext 100

Our operations department manages the day-to-day business activities of SMG3. We are in constant communication with vendors, customers, and sales reps. In addition, we are continually analyzing and redesigning the current workflow to create an efficient system to ensure every customer’s satisfaction. Our mission can be summed up in three words: get it done!

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Professional Services and Technical Support

Telephone: 847-995-1010 Ext 2

Our support team is here to help our customers 24/7. Unlike many companies in our industry, SMG3 offers a suite of services including site analysis, site survey, custom device configuration, and more. We are your tech gurus who are here to help with everything from wireless setup and design to troubleshooting issues with your devices, so you can stay running all the time.