SMG3 Review: Zebra HC100 Wristband Printer

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SMG3 Review: Zebra HC100 Wristband Printer

Fast printing, versatile, and disinfectant ready

SCHAUMBURG, IL – (December 08, 2015) – From the second a patient enters a hospital, they go through a multitude of processes conducted by a variety of medical professionals, from administration to the laboratory. For that reason, automatic patient identification has become a must – and Zebra’s HC100 wristband printer is the ideal solution. It’s user-friendly and perfect for a healthcare environment.

Here are some of the other features we love about it:

Printing high-quality wristbands on demand is especially easy. Simply drop in the wristband cartridge and start printing. The HC100 automatically detects the wristband size, immediately calibrates, and prints. Zebra offers a complete range of wristband styles, sizes, and colors for healthcare applications, so it’s never been easier to keep your facility organized and efficient.

Printing capabilities increase efficiency. The HC100 prints all industry-standard one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcode symbologies, allowing administrators to process patient admissions quickly and safely without having to change the media in the printer. A more efficient and accurate process not only improves patient care and safety, but also keeps them from having to wait.

To get those coveted patient wristbands more efficiently, use the Zebra HC100 wristband printer. It’ll help you keep your patients safe and improve your overall workflow. To learn more, contact us.