Why Zebra’s MC40HC is the ideal smartphone for your nurses’ clinical communication needs

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Why Zebra’s MC40HC is the ideal smartphone for your nurses’ clinical communication needs

Many hospitals today are looking for a single device that will manage all clinical communication needs for their nursing staff, secure texting/messaging, mobile nurse call, patient alarm notifications, barcode scanning, even EHR support. It’s also important that the device offer VoIP, SIP, and PBX integration. We’re often asked, “Which smartphone should we use? Android or iOS?” Our recommendation is Zebra’s MC40HC, and here’s why:

Operate with a larger screen. Readability can improve off a handheld device with a 4.3 inch touch-only display.

Work without losing battery. Hospital shifts are quite lengthy, so in order for your nursing staff to stay connected throughout the day, battery life has to be at least 8-10 hours long. The MC40HC will be up and running throughout their entire shift, and each battery is user-replaceable.

Scan on the go. The MC40HC comes equipped with a 2D barcode scanner.

Built for the hospital environment. Rather than being consumer-grade, the MC40HC touch computer is designed for healthcare professionals. It’s disinfectant-ready and will maintain its enterprise-class durability despite spills, drops, and consistent sanitizing with harsh chemicals.

Run multiple apps at the same time. Unlike the iPhone and today’s consumer smartphones, you can run multiple communication platforms at once on the MC40HC.

A unified communication platform is the primary goal of today’s hospitals, and the MC40HC can help acheive that initiative. The ability to run multiple apps at one time, or run programs that condense hospital communications, will change the efficiency, safety, and quality of care in today’s hospitals.

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