Want to guarantee a successful mobile hardware deployment? Engage users!

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Want to guarantee a successful mobile hardware deployment? Engage users!

One of the largest components to deploying a mobile strategy successfully is employee buy-in. SMG3 recommends to all of our customers that they really take the time to make sure that their workforce, who will actually be using the devices they plan on purchasing, are on board with which ones you buy. We do this by offering a demo pool for enterprises to evaluate recommended devices and see if they would benefit their workforce.

Here is what we recommend you do in order to guarantee a successful deployment with employee buy-in:

  • Demo the devices. We offer a demo pool for potential customers to try out devices that they may be interested in buying. This gives their employees the opportunity to test out the device in their work environment and assess usability.
  • Ask for employee feedback. Is the device user friendly? How well did it work in your work environment? Where and how would the employee use this device? Although your workforce is not the one making the final decision on which devices to purchase, it’s important to hear feedback from them on their experience with using the unit and determine whether or not it will actually benefit your workforce.
  • Obtain employee buy-in on the device. Make sure that the majority of the workforce that you spoke to buys in to using that device in their day to day work. Your employees will be the ones who will actually be using the devices every day, so not getting their buy-in before pulling the trigger could make deployment a lot more difficult. If the majority of your employees find the device beneficial and sign off on the decision to buy, you can roll out your deployment a lot more seamlessly.
  • Deploy your strategy. Once you get your employees to sign off, make sure you have the right software and network set up to make your mobility strategy work at its most efficient for your business.

Interested in trying out some of the devices that we offer? Contact us today and we’ll send you a few units from our demo pool.