Nico Genet, The Barcoding Expert, Recently Quoted in CRN Article

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Nico Genet, The Barcoding Expert, Recently Quoted in CRN Article

Genet recently quoted in CRN’s Article, “IDC: Internet Of Things Gaining Traction As Enterprises Look For The Next Level Of Data Analytics”

The Internet of Things market is gaining traction as enterprise companies pivot away from proof-of-concept projects to actual scalable IoT deployments in 2016, a report by market research firm IDC found.

When Nico Genet, The Barcoding Expert & Co-Founder of Strategic Mobility Group, LLC (SMG3), was asked about customers’ shift in focus to analytics and cloud IoT vendors, he stressed that it makes sense because “data is the new currency.”

In addition to systems integrators, more enterprises are seeing vendors leading with an integrated cloud and analytics offerings as “critical partners” in an organization’s IoT investment, IDC found.

“You need to have that next level of analytics because end users want to see more beyond just the hardware,” he said. “With any ruggedized device, end users want to go deeper. That next phase [of IoT] is happening; customers want to use the data faster and more wisely.”

While IDC’s survey found that 55 percent of respondents see IoT as strategic to their business to help them compete more effectively, there are still challenges – one of them being security.

“While companies say security is getting better for IoT, it’s still concerning to a lot of end users,” said Genet. “That’s not stopping IoT, but it’s slowing the absorption.”

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