How to Locate Gaps in Your Wireless Networks

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How to Locate Gaps in Your Wireless Networks

Regardless of whether you are dealing with an age gap, a gap in your teeth, or one in your wireless network, there’s a universal consensus: gaps are annoying. Thankfully, there are ways to determine where the gaps in your network are so that you can operate with maximum coverage. Maximum coverage=maximum efficiency. The best way to determine gaps in the network by getting a professional site analysis conducted.

Why should you have us conduct the analysis?

Receive a more accurate analysis from our certified engineers. We have certified engineers on their staff that are equipped to look for problems that your IT department might not think of, such as how furniture and wall thickness affect your connectivity.

Store configuration settings on our servers. All configurations are copied and stored on our secure servers in case of any hardware failure, individual or catastrophic. This greatly reduces recovery time.

Increase your network security. Wireless security is of the utmost importance. We’ll look at your existing policy and recommend ways to make security tighter and your network safer.

Getting a site analysis is the best way to identify pain points, fix the problem, and have better connectivity as quickly as possible.

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