How to better manage assets with Stratum Global’s TagNet RFID software solution

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How to better manage assets with Stratum Global’s TagNet RFID software solution

The ability to productively track assets has been improved tenfold with RFID technology. By tagging each object, enterprises are able to monitor inventory, their production line, and ensure that all of their important assets are where they need to be when they need to be there.

Stratum Global offers a complete integrated RFID software solution suite called TagNet. When our customers come to us and express interest in using RFID technology, we always recommend TagNet to them. Here’s why:

  • Deploy within any type of organization. From supply chain to healthcare, TagNet’s suite consists of server components and “client” application modules for RFID deployment within any type of industry. This versatility makes it easy for us to endorse it to our customers. TagNet is designed with the end-user in mind and insulates you from low-level technology layers of RFID, meaning that you can deploy the solution in days.
  • Enable configuration of RFID read zones. This includes remote monitoring and diagnostic capability of your RFID hardware infrastructure. Using TagNet’s Server, read zones are configured so that existing business applications can subscribe to tag events using user-defined integration adaptors and filtering criteria. This server is your lifeline for storing product and asset information in on convenient place.
  • Use AssetTrack to address specific use cases. Another part of TagNet’s software suite, AssetTrack is a family of interrelated modules residing on mobile RFID readers that communicate with TagNet server wirelessly or offline. These modules enable physical count procedures via RFID with asset identification and enables finite locating of tagged assets with audible and visual clues. It’ll help you find missing assets quickly and efficiently.

Stratum Global’s TagNet is the ideal RFID software solution for monitoring, tracking, and locating assets in one efficient mainframe. Its versatile capabilities and user-friendly design makes it easy for us to recommend it to our customers. Interested? Contact us to learn more.