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SCHAUMBURG, IL – (December 8, 2015) – Today’s enterprises increasingly depend on cloud computing and remote applications, which makes reliable internet connectivity such an important element for business success. There’s no doubt that today’s business owners want a router that combines power and flexibility with an embedded business-grade wireless WAN modem in order to ensure continuity. Cradlepoint’s selection of ARC routers offers the perfect devices to answer those demands. Not only can they fulfill your wireless needs, but in the event that your fixed-line network goes down, Cradlepoint’s router backup functionality will immediately kick in. This is a major advantage that sets Cradlepoint apart.

Besides business continuity, Cradlepoint routers offer a unique set of features that make them best-in-class for enterprises. Here are just a few:

Top-notch enterprise performance. These routers offer the latest in high-speed 3G/4G wireless connectivity. They deliver the uptime and bandwidth needed to support growth in cloud computing and reduce the risk of lost productivity and business opportunity. These routers will keep you up and running continuously, not just “most of the time.”

Flexibility makes this the right solution for a number of industries. Different verticals have a wide variety of uses for their wireless routers. Cradlepoint’s ARC routers use integrated 3G/4G wireless modems as the primary connection, but they also create secondary networks to simplify any additional applications, such as video surveillance or kiosks. They’ll also load balance across multiple connections when additional bandwith is required. With that sort of flexibility, enterprises of all sizes can use these routers and know they’ll get a reliable connection.

ARC routers provide secure and reliable connectivity. All connections are protected with advanced WiFi encryption, LAN segmentation, and VLAN capabilities. These routers are designed for PCI compliant network architectures and are engineered for day-in, day-out, 24/7 connectivity, so you know that your network is both safe and reliable for all network locations.

Having the right wireless network hardware is pivotal to business success. Utilize Cradlepoint’s ARC series routers for their reliability, secure features, and flexibility.

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