Strategic Mobility Group, LLC Hosts Second Annual "Bring Your Child to Work Day"

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Strategic Mobility Group, LLC Hosts Second Annual “Bring Your Child to Work Day”

An exclusive learning experience for children took place at Strategic Mobility Group, LLC.

SCHAUMBURG, IL – (May 9, 2017) – Strategic Mobility Group, LLC (SMG3) hosted its second annual “Bring Your Child to Work Day” on April 29, 2017, for its employees and their children.

SMG3 provided the children exposure to a full business day from beginning to end, and all of the day’s activities centered around a central theme -dependability. Starting with a board meeting in the conference room lead by Nancy Gorski, president of SMG3, the children learned that dependability is a key component of what it takes to run a business.

Gorski states, “It is essential for the kids to understand that although a business consists of many separate departments, they all must depend on one another to run like one well-oiled machine for a business to function and grow.”

From there, the children received a tour of SMG3 and then met with the Accounting Department, where they learned how to budget their money and save for the future. Stacie Lamprecht, director of human resources, states, “What shocked me the most is that most of the kids had plenty of money to put into their savings accounts, which is a great reflection on the lessons they are learning in school and at home.”

Next up was last year’s biggest hit – the barcode scanning scavenger hunt where the children put their teamwork skills to the test scanning objects throughout the office in teams. Additionally, the children completed a project with Legos which required them to listen to one another and follow directions on how items need to be assembled in order to be correct.

In the afternoon, the children were hard at work, building their own resumes and preparing for a job interview. Gorski comments, “I do not believe that career exploration can ever be started too early.”

Each child had the opportunity to put his or her newly acquired skills to the test by dressing up and interviewing with Human Resources which asked the kids job-related questions to prepare them for future interviews. After the interviews were completed, the kids were told which department would be a good fit for their skills at SMG3.

Gorski goes on to say, “It is important that kids think about their dreams, aspirations, and what they would be passionate about what they do for a living because it will bring them pride at the end of each day.”

Lastly, the children were able to experience events and team-building exercises from SMG3’s Team Week and had a great time playing outside in the sunshine. Every department at SMG3 played an important role in making this a truly unique learning experience for the children outside of the traditional classroom.

“A seamless partnership with my colleague, Katie Babicz, was the force behind the planning of this special day, and I know that they enjoyed it just as much as I did,” states Lamprecht.

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