4 Things to Have Ready Before You Call Tech Support

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4 Things to Have Ready Before you Call Tech Support

SCHAUMBURG, IL – (December 8, 2015) – We’ve all been in a situation where the tech device that we rely on stops working on us. Either it’s not connecting to the internet, it’s not turning on, or it’s not performing up to standard. In an enterprise environment, we know that downtime can be damaging to productivity. That’s when you decide to call tech support. For some reason, tech support calls are ones that many users dread, but there is a way to get answers faster, and that’s to be prepared.

One of the most common issues we handle is a device that isn’t connecting to WiFi. If you have answers to the four questions below when you call tech support, it will help us get you up and running faster. Here they are:

How are you trying to connect? With what settings? Look into the connection settings and write them down before the call so your tech representative can tell you if those are correct.

Manufacturer, model, serial number, and configuration information. Have this information on hand so that when your tech support team member asks you for these, you’re not panicking trying to find them.

Are any of your other devices working on the network? This is good to know before calling, because you can look into what settings are being used on that device. This could help provide insight and get the problem fixed quickly.

Have there been any changes to your network environment? If you set up your wireless infrastructure correctly, it should have been done with your workplace environment in mind. If there have been any changes to your site’s environment recently – something like a new microwave oven, perhaps ? they might have something to do with the problem. It’s good to let tech support know about these, as they may be why you?re experiencing difficulty.

These are just a few common questions that we ask our customers as we hop on tech support calls. Knowing the answers to these before calling could help you get answers faster and decrease downtime on your mobile devices. Learn more about our managed services and support team here.