Strategic Mobility Group, LLC Announces Exciting Partnership with Vigilant Labels as RX Platform Expands

SMG3 and Vigilant Labels to address syringe labeling compliance challenges with Click-to-Comply

Strategic Mobility Group, LLC (SMG3) has announced an imperative partnership with Vigilant Labels to further develop a robust RX healthcare solutions portfolio (SMG3RX). This partnership unites a leading technology solutions provider with an essential platform that has reimagined the future of medication labeling processes for anesthesiologists and CRNAs. Click-to-Comply offers healthcare providers improved workflow in the operating room, while concurrently decreasing preventable medical errors. However, the beauty of the Click-to-Comply solution lies in its simplicity; a comprehensive labeling system is delivered in just two clicks.

“We are constantly architecting our solutions to better benefit hospitals and healthcare providers in a fast and challenging technology industry. Adding innovative partners like Vigilant Labels, who solve specific and prevalent problems in healthcare environments, enables SMG3RX to coordinate the seamless integration of essential services and technologies into any hospitals ecosystem," says Eric Holmes, Co-Founder of SMG3 & Vice President of Sales.

Accurate labeling and organization in hospitals and healthcare systems is pivotal in preventing accidental injuries and deaths. With SMG3RX and Vigilant Labels, healthcare providers can establish a safe and continual culture of care for patients by utilizing a simplified, ready-to-use platform that benefits anesthesiologists, CRNAs, Pharmacists, OR Managers, and Hospital Leadership. Click-to-Comply also adheres to strict regulatory guidelines.

Dr. Peter Baek, MD MS, and Founder of Vigilant Labels says, “We are excited to announce our partnership with Strategic Mobility Group and the potential to bring the Click-to-Comply solutions to hospitals and surgery centers around the country. Click-to-Comply not only addresses syringe labeling compliance in the OR and PACU, but our integration to the patient’s medical record significantly simplifies documentation and charge capture.”

About Vigilant Labels
Vigilant Labels provides products and software for complex labeling requirements in the Anesthesia, Nursing and Pharmacy segments. Our industry-leading Click-to-Comply software delivers on the promise to maintain compliance, improve workflow, enhance safety and control costs. Our unique ability to deliver fully compliant, integrated bar code labels for syringe medications and more is unparalleled in the industry. For more information please visit

About SMG3
Strategic Mobility Group (SMG3) was founded by Nancy Gorski, Nico Genet, and Eric Holmes as an innovative technology provider that designs and integrates mobile solutions for enterprises. We consult companies on how to operate more efficiently through the use of mobile hardware, software, professional services, and support. It is our job to keep businesses up-to-date on the latest technology and provide them with innovative solutions that will maximize efficiency both inside the four walls and out. One of the best parts is, unlike other mobile technology providers, SMG3 supports our customers with a suite of services: site surveys and evaluations, custom device configurations, staging/kitting, training, technical support, and more. Helping businesses improve operational efficiencies and ROI is why many of the Fortune 500 companies choose SMG3 to manage their enterprise mobility needs. Learn more about us at:

SMG3 also offers a Clinical Communications Platform, SMG3 RX, to solve communication workflow challenges through state of the art software and mobile technology. Our team of knowledgeable experts is dedicated to providing innovative and cost-effective solutions for nurses and doctors to increase operational efficiency in hospitals. We want to streamline the systematic complexity of healthcare communications through the integration of mobile technology devices and software upgrades, coupled with a complete professional services package. Learn more about SMG3 RX at

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