Strategic Mobility Group Launches the SMG3 “EDGE” Client Portal

Comprehensive portal provides customers with real-time mobile asset information.

Strategic Mobility Group (SMG3), a leading enterprise mobility integrator located in the greater Chicago area, today announced the release of the SMG3 EDGE, their new web-based client portal and customizable management tool. The EDGE combines real-time intelligence and centralized analytics for customers to comprehensively track and manage their mobile assets. The new web interface provides customers with unprecedented and transparent visibility to every aspect of the asset life cycle - from procurement, tracking, reporting and support.

SMG3 designs, integrates and supplies innovative automatic identification data capture (AIDC) solutions and services for enterprises across North America. The company’s success is based on delivering state-of-the-art solutions to their customers. The EDGE provides the ability to accurately track and support purchased products and services as well as direct interaction with SMG3’s award-winning team. Another benefit of the EDGE is the capability to display dashboards and reports regarding service repair performance metrics, on-time delivery of products and other key business objectives.

“The EDGE is designed to provide real-time customer support long after the initial purchase and implementation of mobile assets has taken place, making it easier for our clients to automate their processes and increase efficiency,” said SMG3 Co-Founder Nico Genet. Genet continues, ”We know how vital it is for them to proactively manage their workforces and assets. The EDGE allows our clients to know exactly how many products are being used, where they’re being used and what to do if one of them needs repair. It greatly enhances visibility and eliminates the guess-work around tracking and management of mobility and AIDC assets and devices.”

About Strategic Mobility Group
Strategic Mobility Group (SMG3) is an award winning, innovative technology provider that designs and integrates mobile solutions for enterprises. We consult companies on how to operate more efficiently through the use of mobile hardware, software, professional services and support. It’s our job to keep businesses up-to-date on the latest technology and provide them with innovative solutions that will maximize efficiency both inside the four walls and out. What’s best is unlike other mobile technology providers, we support our customers with a suite of services: site surveys and evaluations, custom device configurations, staging/kitting, training, technical support and more. Helping businesses improve operational efficiencies and ROI is why many of the Fortune 500 companies choose SMG3 to manage their enterprise mobility needs. Learn more about us at:

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