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We developed a break-through invention called Rapid Application Configuration. Avoid long and tedious development cycles by using our suite of building blocks to quickly create customized solutions from the simplest of forms to the most complex processes. With our robust enterprise-class back-end tools and the ability to fully brand your application, Touch Mobile will mobilize your workforce in ways never thought possible.

Touch Mobile

There’s no need to develop applications from scratch, some already exist! Touch Mobile is the software that runs on a wide variety of mobile devices and PCs. Our Touch Mobile User Console provides components to configure your applications to present the appropriate user access, processes, forms, data, screen types, graphic images and run powerful reports.

App Builder

Security Manager

Server Workflow

Report Manager

Data Importer

Data Explorer

Mobile Epiphany is the proud creator of Touch Mobile, a revolutionary mobile application platform.

Mobile Epiphany and Strategic Mobility GroupĀ are a team of incredibly sharp, hardworking individuals who believe that dedication and commitment lead to innovative ideas and superior execution. We also know that hard work pays off.

We?re absolutely committed to creating game changing software and solutions for our clients. We are a perfect fit for organizations that have processes that can be optimized by leveraging mobile devices. Whether it is a simple form for inspections, the desire to better manage your assets, or the need to automate incredibly complex processes.