MC9300 - Build Your Own

Zebra MC9300

A specialized solution for a specialized workforce

SMG3 and Zebra understand that every business is unique, and that is why the MC9300 is now fully customizable – inside and out. Choose the screen and keyboard that will most benefit you and your business processes, while also configuring your Android operating system to meet your specific needs to make your MC9300 as efficient and effective as possible.

SMG3 has the expertise to get you and your business outfitted with the latest Zebra devices, as well as configure and deploy them in a manner that will produce 100% uptime and maximum efficiency. Once deployed, SMG3 provides a fully stocked spare pool, 24/7 customer support, and outstanding service whenever it is necessary. Contact SMG3 today to see what our team of experts, Zebra devices, and the Android OS can do to streamline and improve your business processes.

Customize Your Own MC9300

Integrate adoptable efficiency into your workforce with the MC9300 – the next generation of mobile computing – now fully customizable to your individual needs. Customizations include:

Display Screens:

  • Standard: Multi-touch screen designed for simplified user experience.
  • Freezer: Heated screen maximizes resistance to temperature swings.
  • Non-Incendive: Prevents costly damage with chemical resistant screen
Keyboards (Backlit, Field Replaceable):
  • Numerical:
    • 53 key terminal emulation (5250 and VT)
    • 43 key
    • 34 key numeric/function
    • 29 key numeric/calculation
  • Alphanumerical:
    • 58 key alpha-numeric
    • 53 key alpha-numeric STD

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