Mobile technology and additional professional services that keep your business connected and production lines moving

SMG3 EDGE Helps Manufacturers Solve Technology Challenges

As a manufacturer, you're likely plagued with adversity. Between unique operational technology (OT) infrastructure that makes it difficult to digitally transform, finding skilled personnel to fill crucial positions, and ensuring your production lines keep running to meet volatile customer demands, there's no shortage of business challenges to address.

Luckily, SMG3 is here to provide the complete modern technology solution to improve connectivity and production line efficiency.

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The Benefits of Using SMG3 EDGE

End-to-End Mobile Services That Keep Manufacturers Running at Peak Efficiency

SMG3 EDGE is our comprehensive suite of mobile-managed services that provides manufacturers with total visibility, lifecycle support, and mobile device management in one solution. Through SMG3 EDGE, your production lines can achieve tremendous operational benefits:

Improve ROI on Your Mobile Technology

Our mobile experts can design and execute a robust strategy that makes your production lines operate more efficiently, improves communications with suppliers, and better captures inventory data — translating into a stronger bottom line. Whether you have barcode scanners, printers, or any other mobile equipment in your facility, we'll handle the deployments and lifecycle management from start to finish, so you can focus on your day-to-day business needs.

Digitally Transform While Keeping Your Mobile Devices Up-to-Date

SMG3 EDGE provides mobile lifecycle management support, from deployments to system updates all the way to end-of-life buyback and disposal stages. Available 24x7, our experts are there to help you transform into a modern manufacturing facility by ensuring you always have reliable, up-to-date mobile tools to scan and track inventory, monitor production lines, and stay engaged with suppliers.

Fill in the Personnel Gap for Your Mobile Management

The hiring struggle for manufacturers is real. Many can't get enough personnel on the assembly line or find on-staff experts to maintain their mobile technology properly. Our mobile support, provisioning, and lifecycle tracking services alleviate these pressures. Acting as an extension of your team, you get efficient mobile deployments and management, all without breaking the bank.

A More Scalable Mobile Environment in Your Production Lines

Scaling a manufacturing operation is no easy task — particularly in an industry experiencing so much adversity. Unique infrastructure complexities make it difficult to obtain the mobile visibility required to deploy a modern, long-term mobile strategy. SMG3 EDGE gives your mobile environment what it needs to stay flexible, so it can adapt to growing business needs and spikes in customer demand.

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SMG3 Helps Manufacturers Achieve Enterprise Success

Our additional professional services empower manufacturers to take their technology to the next level. From ensuring mobile tablets are up-to-date to replacing broken scanners to maintaining dependable communication with your suppliers, we can help your business thrive.

Complete Control of Your Mobile Environment

End-to-end mobile services for instant visibility and better-managed mobile deployments, provisioning, and lifecycle stages that support your facility’s unique workflows

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Mobile Equipment Suited to Your Facility

Supporting your mobile strategy with vehicle-mounted computers, tablets, scanners, printers, and other hardware that helps your manufacturing enterprise thrive

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Secure, Reliable Wireless Network for Your Operation

Helping you meet production goals through reliable Wi-Fi, a secure network, and connected technology

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Connectivity Throughout the Supply Chain

Networking and cabling solutions tailored to your facility's infrastructure so you can better collaborate and stay connected with suppliers, vendors, and customers

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Printing Uptime to Keep Data and Inventory Moving Forward

Empowering you to prevent halts in the supply chain by ensuring your printers are always functioning at full capacity and are equipped with the proper labels for the job at hand

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Voice Applications That Improve the Production Line

Providing hands-free experience for your production lines that reduce errors, ensure product quality, and boost operational efficiency

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Enhance Your Assembly Line with SMG3

If your production line scans barcodes with mobile devices, SMG3 EDGE is for you.

Schedule a Needs Assessment today to learn how SMG3 provides manufacturers with the ultimate time-saving, cost-cutting, and production-boosting solution to mobile management through SMG3 EDGE, plus additional expert services that keep your entire supply chain connected and efficient.