Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Immediate Mobility

Complete native
SAP GUI for your SAP WM

Built on Native Channel Architecture (NCA), Liquid UI for Android and Handheld Scanguns natively connects to your SAP WM, while retaining SAP GUI transaction richness. It enables you to access transactions like MIGO, MI04, MI11, and MI31 – w/o programming directly from your mobile devices.

Productivity Gains

Automate your SAP WM
business processes

Liquid UI Solutions is not just about delivering a standard SAP WM module to mobile devices. With Liquid UI Automation for SAP, you can fully customize your WM processes where warehouse personnel upfront know the number of bins they have to visit for an inventory order or in each bin, the number of materials they are required to count.

Efficiency Gains

Simplify and streamline your
SAP WM processes

Liquid UI for Android, and Handheld Scanguns eliminates the need for manual procedures entirely – eliminating cycle count sheets, pick tickets and scratch pads for finding and managing inventory. Furthermore, increase your inventory accuracy by replacing error-prone data entries with highly efficient and fully programmable barcode scanning.


Standardize processes and operations
Accelerate decision-making with real-time insights
Rule-based barcode integration
Improve end-to-end visibility and service
Enhance transparency and ensure compliance
Comprehensive WM integration
World-class security & encryption
Automate business processes
On-the-go printing
Attach instantly with SFO
Electronic signature support
Notifications and badges
Swift access to crucial information

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