When LANDESK and HEAT Software combined in January of 2017, we knew we needed a new company name. For nearly 30 years, LANDESK and HEAT offered user-centered IT solutions designed to increase user productivity while reducing IT security risk. LANDESK was the only vendor recognized by Gartner in the four areas of client management, endpoint protection, IT service and support, and enterprise mobility management.

Wavelink Is Now Ivanti


Modernize existing telnet and web applications for intuitive, touch-enabled awesomeness.

Considering Android devices for your next refresh? Velocity, by Wavelink, helps you move easily to Android while avoiding the costs, risks, and effort associated with application migration. Let us show you how. Velocity is the engine for Zebra?s All-Touch TE.

Your pathway forward from legacy applications

Whether you're running our Industrial Browser, Terminal Emulation, or CETerm products, Velocity is the platform for bringing these proven solutions to Android.


Mobile enablement of host applications so workers can move your business forward.

Access applications from all your mobile devices: Work gets done in every area of your warehouse. So why not give workers the tools to complete tasks anywhere on the floor? Access to host and web apps unleashes the most from your mobile computing hardware-leveraging your technology investments.

From Terminal Emulation to our Industrial Browser, CETerm, Studio, and more, our portfolio of host-connectivity solutions empowers you.

The power of productivity

This white paper outlines five reasons you should select Wavelink TE as part of your mission-critical enterprise mobility solution. Here's a closer look at how the solution is adding value to a new generation of mobile deployments.


The fastest, easiest way to add voice to any applications.

Add voice to any application: Traditional voice applications found a place in use cases such as warehouse picking, but cost and implementation efforts hobbled the productivity benefits. With Speakeasy, powered by Wavelink, you can add voice to the applications you already have.

Whether you’re running terminal emulation or web apps, you can extend the productivity benefits of these apps with voice enablement and deploy fast!

Can you save as much money as Toshiba with Speakeasy?

Toshiba America Business Solutions is saving over $500,000 annually. Well done!


Enterprise Mobility Management to keep your workers and their devices at peak productivity.

Ensure your mobile tech is ready for daily demands: For mission-critical mobile deployments, only Avalanche, powered by Wavelink, has a proven track record of maximizing worker productivity from the warehouse to the storefront.

For more than three decades, businesses have trusted Wavelink across various devices and operating systems to help them meet the demands of supply chain operations.

Mobility is always in motion

As a new generation of mobile computers run the Android operating system, check out these tips for managing these new devices with Avalanche.


Assess and troubleshoot remotely, so workers get back on task.

No time for downtime: Any time a device goes down, it takes productivity and ultimately your bottom line with it. You need that device up and running again as fast as possible if you’re going to meet your customer commitments and corporate targets.

Our Smart Device Remote Control solution helps speed issue resolution giving support teams device access to replicate issues so they can diagnose and resolve problems fast.

Get back to work!

You can't afford delays. Deliver fixes fast, so workers can return to the task at hand.

Do you already know what you need?