The Path To Success

Galvanize your workforce and steer it towards superior efficiency by completing one of the final steps in our comprehensive solutions blueprint: Implementation.

We ensure your plan has integrated seamlessly into business operations and even allow you to test that the recommended devices are ideal in your enterprises environment. SMG3 will diminish the usual challenges by assisting with roll-outs and employee training. Our goal is to uphold Visibility Through Mobility™ and successfully coordinate your new mobile technology.

Enterprise Mobility Implementation At A Glance

We want you to be confident that the product we are selling is the right one for you. After going through the proper site analysis and site survey, we know exactly where your pain points are, what kind of coverage your devices need, and where your devices might experience interference. Based on this knowledge, we will optimize your work environment so your devices can work at optimal efficiency. While we are setting up your wireless network and providing you with the right software, we will also configure your devices so they are ready to go when they get to your facility — saving you extra legwork.

  • We prove your devices work in the field
  • We will optimize your work environment for your devices
  • We will configure your devices
  • We will train your employees


  • Identify pain points in your existing infrastructure and develop solutions to overcome them.
  • Examine your organization to accurately provide the correct device and software recommendations based on your work environment, vertical, and budget.
  • Quantify your objectives and set goals for your mobile devices that are reasonable, attainable, and measurable for your enterprise.