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Successful mobile technology integrations and roll-outs

Get the ball rolling with SMG3. Once you have a plan and design for your mobile solution, we will help you implement your mobile strategy every step of the way. Our experienced tech support team ensures that when your devices arrive at your facility, that they are ready to go. It does not get any easier than this. Basically, we will do the hard work. You will just start using your new technology.

Successful implementations start by having our technical support team custom configure your devices so they are ready to go when you receive them.

After integrating your mobile hardware with your wireless network, we can assist with roll-outs and training.

Our enterprise mobility implementation process at-a-glance:

We prove your devices work in the field

If you want to test one of our devices in order to have peace of mind that they will work in your environment, we will do it. We want you to be confident that the product we are selling is the right one for you.

We will optimize your work environment for your devices

After going through the proper site analysis and site survey, we know exactly where your pain points are, what kind of coverage your devices need, and where your devices might experience interference. Based on this knowledge, we will optimize your work environment so your devices can work at optimal efficiency.

We will configure your devices

While we are setting up your wireless network and providing you with the appropriate software, we will also configure your devices so they are ready to go when they get to your facility — saving you extra legwork.

We will train your employees

We know that working with new technology can be daunting for some employees, so we will provide appropriate training so everyone can work with their devices and software as quickly as possible. Our goal is to improve your company’s efficiency and provide Visibility Through Mobility™.

We will install your wireless network for you and ensure it lines up with your designed plan and works at optimal efficiency for your devices.

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