Honeywell 10 Key Challenges of Enterprise Mobility

Honeywell 10 Key Challenges of Enterprise Mobility

Solve common enterprise challenges with SMG3 and Honeywell

After speaking with hundreds of different companies, Honeywell has come up with a list of 10 challenges they have found in common across enterprises in various industries. With Honeywell’s Mobility Edge platform, your enterprise can solve these 10 challenges with one concise, unified, and dynamic hardware-and-software solution that will help you deliver and manage your business’ mobile solutions across your enterprise. Mobility Edge will deploy your mobile solutions faster, with less risk, and at a lower cost than other solutions.

If your business is dealing with any of the challenges on this list and needs a solution to peak efficiency, SMG3 and Honeywell are the right choice.

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1) Use Cases

Business' have a lot of different needs across their enterprise when it comes to mobile device solutions. Whether its touchscreen, keypad, or any other features.

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2) Deployment

Teams have enormous backlogs, and need a way to minimize time and cost it takes to deploy mobile solutions across their enterprise.

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3) Adaptability

Every team wants their own custom settings, but business' do not have the time or money to deploy custom settings for every team.

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4) User Experience

Business's have a lot of different workers, in different roles, with different sets of skills. They need one concise, easy to use solution that works across their enterprise.

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5) Ergonomics

Business' want tough hardware without giving up comfort, speed, and ease of use.

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6) Up-time Performance

Workers need to be able to start up and scan as quick as possible, and do not have to swap devices when batteries run out.

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7) Operating System Migration

Business' want to move to Android, but do not have the budget to move all devices over at once without risking disruption.

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8) Fragmentation

There are too many operating systems, versions, and form factors to keep up with.

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9) Data Security

Business' worry that their devices are not all up to date with the newest security patches to keep data safe.

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10) Life-cycle Limits

Business' may not have the budget to continuously deploy new devices, but their current hardware can only support one more OS update.

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