Wearable Devices


Wearable Devices

Honeywell wearable solutions provide a comfortable and easy-to-implement tool for mobile operators who regularly need to scan barcodes.


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Wearable Solution for the Dolphin 70e and 75e Mobile Computers:

A new approach to hands-free computing – get the benefits without the cost and hassle of re-engineering your process or applications. Includes our 8620 ring scanner for linear and 2D barcode scanning.

  • Wearable Solution for the Dolphin 70e Mobile Computer
  • Wearable Solution for the Dolphin 75e Mobile Computer
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Wearable Scanners:

Lightweight, durable scanning solutions – comfortable and easy to use for highly mobile workers who need to keep both hands free for maximum productivity.

  • 8650 Bluetooth Ring Scanner
  • 8670 Wireless Ring Scanner

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