Software and Tools


Software and Tools

Honeywell’s software and software toolkits offer functionality and powerful control for our end to end productivity solutions.

Barcode Decoding Software: SwiftDecoder – SDKs provide all the essential tools you need to develop mission-critical barcode decoding and character recognition apps for iOS®, Android® and Windows® devices.

  • SwiftDecoder-M Barcode Decoding Software
  • SwiftDecoder-S Barcode Decoding Software
  • SwiftDecoder SDK for Android
  • SwiftDecoder SDK for iOS
  • SwiftDecoder SDK for Windows

Developer Library: Choose from a variety of tools and utilities to develop in-premise or in-field software solutions for Honeywell computers and peripherals.

  • Honeywell Mobility SDK for Android – Developer Library Software
  • Honeywell Mobility SDK for iOS – Developer Library Software
  • Honeywell Mobility SDK for Web – Developer Library Software
  • Honeywell Mobility SDK for Windows – Developer Library Software
  • Honeywell WWAN Toolkit – Developer Library Software

Device Management: In-premise and in-field device management made easier and faster.

  • Honeywell AirWatch Device Management Software
  • Honeywell EXConfig Cloud for Scanning 5.0 Device Configuration Software
  • Honeywell SOTI MobiControl 9 Device Management Software

Emulators, Browsers, and Tools: Connect to the Web or legacy systems using data collection browsers and emulation applications.

  • Honeywell Enterprise Browser Software
  • Honeywell Enterprise Terminal Emulator Software
  • Honeywell HTML5 Browser Software
  • Honeywell Launcher Software
  • Honeywell Session Persistence Server Software

Enabling Solutions: Optimize your barcode scanning functionality. Develop customized data collection applications and intuitive visual interfaces.

  • Honeywell Dolphin Power Tools – Enabling Solutions Software

Mobility Management Systems: Control and manage the communication and processing of data files with products that provide infrastructure to support the basic functions needed for field mobility applications.

  • Honeywell Skynax Mobility Management Software

TotalFreedom Scanning Software Development: An open-system architecture with unlimited possibilities for developing plug-ins for Honeywell area-imaging scanners using familiar programming languages (C and C++).

  • Honeywell EasyBCBP TotalFreedom Software Plug-in
  • Honeywell EasyDL 2.0 TotalFreedom Software Plug-in
  • Honeywell EasyParse for Automotive Parts TotalFreedom Software Plug-in
  • Honeywell EasyParse for GS1 TotalFreedom Software Plug-in
  • Honeywell EasyParse for Motor Vehicle Documents TotalFreedom Software Plug-in
  • Honeywell TotalFreedom Development Platform

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