Scanning Products


Scanning Products

Honeywell RFID readers, antennas and tags bring intelligent data collection to a wide variety of industries and RFID technology applications.


Honeywell Handheld Barcode Scanners

Handheld Barcode Scanners:

Honeywell’s handheld barcode scanners provide intuitive scanning of the barcodes found in real-world environments, driving increased accuracy for end users.

  • Eclipse 5145 Handheld Scanner
  • Fusion 3780 Handheld Scanner
Honeywell General Duty Barcode Scanners

General Duty Barcode Scanners:

Simple, reliable and affordable: that’s what small to medium-sized businesses need from a scanning solution. Honeywell general duty barcode scanners fit the bill and are easy to use.

  • SG20 General Duty Scanner
  • Voyager 1200g General Duty Scanner
  • Voyager 1202g General Duty Scanner
  • Voyager 1200g-bf General Duty Scanner
  • Voyager 1250g General Duty Scanner
  • Voyager 1400g General Duty Scanner
  • Voyager 1450g General Duty Scanner
  • Voyager 1452g General Duty Scanner
  • Voyager 9520 General Duty Scanner
  • VoyagerCG 9540 General Duty Scanner
  • Xenon 1900g General Duty Scanner
  • Xenon 1902g General Duty Scanner
Honeywell Healthcare Barcode Scanners

Healthcare Barcode Scanners:

Honeywell healthcare scanners have long been the choice for organizations looking to improve patient safety while enhancing clinician productivity. Incorporating feedback from nurses, our newest generation of “Enhanced” scanners add functionality to further improve patient comfort and improve common workflows.

  • SF61B Healthcare Pocket Scanner
  • SG20 Healthcare Scanner
  • SR31T Healthcare Scanner
  • Xenon 1900h Healthcare Scanner
  • Xenon 1902h Healthcare Scanner
Honeywell In-Counter Barcode Scanners

In-Counter Barcode Scanners:

Honeywell in-counter barcode scanner and scale solutions enable cashiers to aggressively scan barcodes in high volume retail and grocery environments, resulting in increased throughput, profitability and customer satisfaction.

  • Horizon 7600 In-Counter Omnidirectional Laser Scanner
  • Stratos 2400 In-Counter Scanner
  • Stratos 2700 In-Counter Scanner & Scale
  • StratosH 2300 In-Counter Scanner
Honeywell Industrial Barcode Scanners

Industrial Barcode Scanners:

Constructed to last for many years, Honeywell’s industrial-grade barcode scanners offer superior durability and reliability, even in challenging working environments.

  • 3800gHD Industrial Scanner
  • 3800gPDF Industrial Scanner
  • 3800i Industrial Scanner
  • 3820i Industrial Scanner
  • 3800r Industrial Scanner
  • 3820 Industrial Scanner
  • Granit 1280i Full-Range Industrial Scanner
  • Granit 1910i Industrial Scanner
  • Granit 1911i Industrial Scanner
  • Granit 1981i Full-Range Industrial Scanner
  • Hyperion 1300 Industrial Scanner
  • SR31T Industrial Scanner
  • SR61-1D Industrial Scanner
  • SR61-HD DPM Industrial Scanner
  • SR61-HP Industrial Scanner
  • SR61-XR Industrial Scanner
  • SF61B Industrial Pocket Scanner
Honeywell Hands-Free Barcode Scanners

Hands-Free Barcode Scanners:

Honeywell’s laser scanners and area imagers feature a range of scanning technology – from omnidirectional scanning to 1D and 2D scanning.

  • 4850dr Document Imager
  • Genesis 7580g Hands-Free Scanner
  • Orbit 7120 Hands-Free Scanner
  • OrbitCG 7180 Hands-Free Scanner
  • QuantumT 3580 Hands-Free Scanner
  • Solaris 7820 Hands-Free Scanner
  • Solaris 7980g Hands-Free Scanner
  • Vuquest 3310g Hands-Free Scanner
  • Vuquest 3320g Hands-Free Scanner
  • Fusion 3780 Hands-Free Scanner
Honeywell Pocket Barcode Scanners

Pocket Barcode Scanners:

Traditional gun-shaped scanners aren’t always the best fit for highly mobile workers. Enter our family of 1D and 2D pocket barcode scanners: designed to fit easily in the hand, they offer improved efficiency, safety and agility for data collection tasks.

  • SF61B Healthcare Pocket Scanner
  • SF61B Industrial Pocket Scanner
  • Voyager 1602g Pocket Scanner
Honeywell Wearable Barcode Scanners

Wearable Barcode Scanners:

Honeywell’s innovative wearable barcode scanner, the 8650 Bluetooth® Ring Scanner, is a comfortable and easy-to-implement productivity tool for all mobile operators who regularly need to scan barcodes. The small, lightweight device rests on the finger, with the Bluetooth® module worn comfortably on the wrist.

  • 8650 Bluetooth Ring Wearable Scanner

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