OEM Scan Engines, Decoders, & Modules


OEM Scan Engines, Decoders & Modules

Honeywell OEM scan engines and modules deliver industry-leading, high resolution image scan performance, even on damaged or worn barcodes.


OEM 1D Scan Engines and Modules:

Top-of-the-line linear technologies that support a wide variety of embedded applications.


  • Ev14 OEM 1D Imager
  • Ev15 OEM 1D Imager
  • IS220 OEM High Speed Omni-directional LaserID Imager
  • IS4125 OEM 1D Laser
  • N4300 OEM 1D Laser
  • Quantum IS3480 OEM Omni-Directional Laser
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OEM 2D Scan Engines and Modules:

Equip your solutions with the utmost in scanning power and efficiency for any application that calls for laser, linear or area imaging.


  • N5X00 OEM 2D Imager
  • N5X80 OEM 2D Imager
  • EA11 OEM 2D Imager
  • Voyager 1200g-bf General Duty Scanner
  • EA21 OEM 2D Imager
  • EA30 OEM 2D Imager
  • EA31 OEM 2D Imager
  • Voyager 1452g General Duty Scanner
  • ED40 2D Decode Board
  • EX25 OEM 2D Imager
  • MiniDB 2D Decode Board
  • N3680 OEM 2D Imager
  • N5600 OEM 2D Imager
  • N6600 OEM 2D Imager
  • N6603 OEM 2D Imager
  • N8600 OEM 2D Imager
  • Vuquest 3330g OEM 2D Imager

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