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Strategic Mobility Group, LLC (SMG3) is proud to introduce Honeywell’s Xenon XP Healthcare Series, healthcare scanners ensure that healthcare professionals
remain focused on the patient, making the process of patient ID verification quick and easy. Incorporating Honeywell’s renowned imaging technology, the Xenon XP Healthcare Series offer superior scan performance, easily capturing even the most difficult-to-read or damaged codes. This helps to eliminate wasted movements and lost time, improving healthcare worker productivity and throughput.

  • The use of mobile technology in the healthcare industry is already widespread, but as new government mandates around outcomes, patient safety, and data security take effect, and changes in the health insurance market put more price pressure on providers, the multitude of legacy point solutions in place at most hospitals has become unsustainably inefficient and costly to support.
  • Regardless of whether the facility deploys a purpose-built device or iPhones equipped with scanning sleds, the benefits of deploying one mobile device that allows the nursing staff to interact with doctors, patients, other nurses, and a full suite of patient care and messaging applications can both improve patient care and staff efficiency, while simultaneously improving the overall work environment.