Honeywell Price Change Notice - 7/23/2021

Honeywell Price Change notice - Scheduled to take effect August 1st, 2021

Due to increasing raw material and labor shortages along with industry challenges, SMG3 has received a price increase by Honeywell, scheduled to take effect starting August 1st for all enterprise grade devices purchased after the established date. SMG3 has taken additional proactive steps to minimize price increases and maintain full transparency to continue supporting you with cost-effective and intuitive systems that lead to greater profitability.

devices affected:

Mobile Computers

Enterprise Scanners

Enterprise Printers

Voice Products


Contact your representative for a detailed list

What actions should clients take?

  • Meet with your account representative as soon as possible to finalize renewals
  • Place hardware orders and procurement requests immediately
  • Work alongside your account representative to identify opportunities currently located in your operations

For more questions about this change,

please contact your account representative.