Honeywell Mobility Edge

honeywell mobility edge

Experience the power of a unified, dynamic platform

Mobility EdgeTM, Honeywell’s unified hardware and software mobile computing platform, features two key components: extended lifecycle and enhanced security. Mobility EdgeTM is the only platform that guarantees support through Android R, giving you the longest security lifestyle in the industry. After taking control of your mobile device management with Mobility EdgeTM, you’ll be perfectly equipped to drive business agility faster, better, more cost-effectively and with less risk.

extend lifecycle

With forward compatibility, future-proof Mobility EdgeTM reduces the total cost of ownership for your company and minimizes headaches with its enterprise-wide patch release approach. With guaranteed support through Android R, Mobility EdgeTM hardware supports twice the operating system upgrades as competitor’s products, resulting in future-proof hardware investments. 

strengthen security

The Mobility EdgeTM platform is designed specifically to protect you from the burdens of fragmented mobile computing. By providing a unified, dynamic hardware-and-software platform, Mobility EdgeTM offers an agile approach to enable enterprise IT to deliver better mobile solutions across your business. Security patch support and Honeywell’s Cyber Security protection help protect and secure your business. 

Accelerate deployments

With a single validation, deploy devices everywhere. Mobility EdgeTM allows you to deploy faster, easier, and at a lower cost. By enabling versatile out-of-the-box capabilities and a rapid provisioning suite, Mobility EdgeTM expedites development, certification, setup, and training involving multiple form factors at once. The central management interface allows for easy provisioning, certifying and for deploying new apps and software updates. 

optimize performance

Powerful, embedded tools across the platform drive faster data capture and secure, enhanced worker communications, boosting productivity and driving efficiency company-wide. The unified, intuitive Mobility EdgeTM experience facilitates user adoption and helps employees complete vital tasks. Customized employee user experience and specialized learning engines allow for maximum productivity. 

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